Survey and Certification

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has a digital solution with twoday to schedule, prepare, perform and present surveys, reports, certificates and audit findings, as well as enforcement documentation supporting their survey and inspection activity. This solution includes an ‘Admin Module’ which enables the configuration of forms, lists and texts by the agency, easing the maintenance and updating of the system as regulations develop. The system enables the agency to provide UK vessels with digital certificates in compliance with both domestic and international requirements.

Under great pressure

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is involved in the survey, inspection and auditing of a large variety of vessels, from fishing vessels under 12m to gas tankers and large passenger ships. The surveyor tool enables digital access to the survey history of a vessel or company and enables the surveyor to complete the required task and follow up on any outstanding issues. Time is always limited during these activities so having a tool that provides the history on the same platform is of great benefit and a time saver for the surveyor.

Søfartsstyrelsen i GB

Cooperation with twoday on a daily basis

The clever way to implement a new solution is exactly what the MCA has done – at first implement a basic tool which meets the minimum requirements, and after a trial period, when the users had had time to know the solution and that it was used extensively in the field, collect improvements from offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Singapore. A change request project was initiated two years after to develop the system further, as the needs of the users and operational procedures developed.

“We have a solution that supports our users from end to end – handling information, bookings, surveys, enforcement, reports, certificates and documentation. We have daily contact with twoday when we need it, which gives us additional confidence in the system.” 

Aine Doherty, MCA Head of Domestic Survey Operations and System Manager.