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How AI can improve business outcomes

Since the launch of ChatGPT towards the end of 2022, we have seen a significant increase in interest...

Kent Agerlunds 5 great pieces of advice on digital security

5 great pieces of advice for small and medium-sized businesses on digital security

In this blog post, we offer five valuable tips to enhance data security in your business.

Full speed ahead: 5 strategies for a fast website

Did you know that cutting page load time by only 0.1 seconds could boost the conversion rate by 8.4%...

How to avoid failure in your AI project

Implementing AI in business is becoming increasingly common, both in the private and public sectors. However, not all AI projects are successful. In this article, we'll explore the most common pitfalls and offer tips on achieving a successful AI implementation in your business.

AI in UX: Balancing technology and humanity

AI has gained significant momentum in 2024, raising questions for designers: How do we navigate this technological wave while preserving the human touch?

Optimize your workday with ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands as an advanced text generator driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, offering boundless opportunities. When harnessed effectively, it becomes your ultimate ally for tasks ranging from research and content creation to idea generation, language acquisition, marketi...

More data, more problems? Or just new opportunities?

Digitalization has led to an explosive increase in data volume. Each day, approximately 329 million terabytes of data are generated, surpassing the amount produced just ten years ago by over 100 times. This creates significant opportunities for businesses, but also new challenges.

Are you overlooking gender equality in your company?

For over a century, March 8th has been dedicated to International Women's Day, focusing on women's achievements and the ongoing struggle for gender equality. This year is no exception. Contrary to popular belief, we do not have gender equality in all the Nordic countries. Not even in the workplace.