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Stockholm Parking

Website with smart functionality for higher customer value

Customer story

Stockholm Parking works to offer Stockholmers and visitors well-located and attractive parking spaces with a mission to relieve street space from parked cars and promote sustainable mobility. twoday created an updated website with efficient, digitized self-service options. 

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The Challenge

Stockholm Parking manage 19,500 rental parking spaces and 23,700 visitor parking spaces, well distributed throughout the city of Stockholm. The company has its own facilities and acts on behalf of other property owners.

Stockholm Parking has focused heavily on digitizing rental processes in recent years. Initially, the functions on the website consisted only of a form where their customers could fill in an interest form for booking a parking space. The solution was previously built in Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

The biggest challenge for Stockholm Parking was that customer service became overloaded due to a multitude of phone inquiries that customers themselves could not obtain information about via the website (current queue positions, queue times, control fees, etc.). Customer service had to handle all requests manually, which contributed to a long wait time for customers and a poorer work environment for customer service staff. Another challenge was that several parking spaces were not rented out at the same time as there was a long queue for others - a development that also risked increasing as the types of parking spaces became more numerous.

Stockholm Parking needed a newly developed website with more functionality that handled all the common needs and questions from its customers, anytime of the day.

The Solution

Stockholm Parking's goal was to create a modern website with improved functionality to make it easier for its customers to find information, create a better and more personalized user experience, and reduce the workload for customer service.

The updated website that twoday created resulted in an efficient, digitized self-service site, where all information is displayed directly under "My pages." 

New functionality on the website:

  • Map feature with color coding that shows all long-term rental parking spaces in Stockholm, including vehicle filtering and parking space rental requests, as well as costs.
  • Login via BankID that enables digital acceptance and signing of agreements.
  • Under "My pages," the customer can now find consolidated information about preliminary queue positions, how long they have been in the queue, information about active agreements, parking spaces and garages, the ability to accept or decline preliminary queue positions, edit contact information, as well as check and appeal control fees.

The solution is built in Optimizely version 11 and integrated with Dynamics CRM. twoday has developed the website and has been responsible for frontend, backend, management, and further development of the solution.

"It is us in customer service who notice the effect in the first instance, both through reduced calls and less and simpler administration of parking spaces. Previously, it was a completely manual process, but now that the service is digitized, it has freed up a lot of time for the staff.

Customers also notice that Stockholm Parking is now a modern company with modern ways of signing agreements. Now they can easily queue, accept our offer and digitally sign their agreement - then it's just about parking!"

Åsa Sandström, Customer Service Manager at Stockholm Parking

The Value

Stockholm Parking is now unique in showing available spaces and current queue situations directly on the website. Customers can easily search for space types that suit their needs and book directly or join a queue.

The new digitized solution has enabled Stockholm Parking's customers to manage many of the questions they previously needed to contact customer service for, which has also contributed to:

  • Higher customer value
  • Reduced administration
  • Faster rentals
  • Increased revenue


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