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5 examples of use cases for AI functionality on the intranet

In this article, we present five examples of how AI functionality can enhance your organization's internal communication and efficiency on the intranet.
6/12/24 1:09 PM Josefin Holmberg


A smart intranet has become an increasingly vital resource for keeping employees informed, engaged, and productive in the digital workplace.

A common challenge and a possible reason why the intranet is not effective in information sharing is the lack of efficient search functionality, making it harder to find important information. This issue was highlighted in last year’s trend survey by Web Service Awards. Even in cases where the intranet has a good search function, users do not receive direct answers to their questions. Here, an AI chat can serve as a perfect complement to make the intranet smarter and further improve its search functionality.

A growing trend is the introduction of AI functionality, which enhances the user experience, helps employees more easily search for and find information on the intranet, and reduces the workload for support functions.


5 examples of use cases for AI functionality on the intranet

  1. Quick and easy information search

An AI chat on the intranet functions as a powerful search engine where employees can easily ask questions and get quick answers about company policies, HR information, technical support, FAQs, and more. This reduces the burden on support functions and eliminates the need to search through various pages and documents.

  1. Automated onboarding

The onboarding process for new employees can often be time-consuming for both managers and HR. With the help of an AI chat on the intranet, large parts of the onboarding process can be automated. The AI chat can efficiently provide new hires with answers to common questions in multiple languages and direct them to where they can access necessary documents and resources.


  1. 24/7 support

An AI chat is always available and can offer support around the clock, regardless of where employees are located. This is particularly valuable for companies with staffing needs throughout the day, such as those in the healthcare sector and retail, allowing employees to receive quick support even outside the regular working hours of support functions.


  1. Content creation and information sharing

Implementing AI functionality on the intranet streamlines the process of creating materials like recruitment ads, guides, and training materials. This not only facilitates HR and managers in swiftly filling new roles but also aids web editors seeking editorial support.


  1. Statistics and goal setting

Introducing an AI chat feature on the intranet also simplifies the process of collecting statistics on the most frequently asked questions from employees. This data offers editors valuable insights into measurable objectives, such as enhancing employee engagement on the intranet and reducing the time spent searching for information. Simultaneously, it provides deeper understanding of user requirements and potential enhancements for the intranet. These statistics facilitate goal setting for both the intranet and the AI chat, pinpointing areas that may benefit from additional AI chat support for other functions.

"Working with users in focus, having clear goals, and measuring and following up – yields results."

Pierre Du Rietz, VD and digital strategist at Web Service Award 

Finding the right information quickly should be a priority!

Integrating an AI chat on the intranet offers numerous advantages for both employees and the organization. By automating repetitive tasks and offering swift support, AI can contribute to a more efficient and engaging workplace.

When it comes to implementing AI functionality, it can be beneficial to start small, for example, with a specific chat focused on HR support, and then expand with more chats for other purposes as the need grows.

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