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Customer stories

Every day we develop truly useful solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier. We work with customers in both public and private sector.

Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Access to Information Needed for Public Procurement

Hansel, the Finnish public administration's joint procurement unit, is exploring the potential of generative artificial intelligence to enhance its operations and create new services. In collaboration with twoday, Hansel has developed an easy-to-use AI assistant based on a comprehensive, over 400-pa...

Even better visitor experiences with Business Central Cloud

For Odense ZOO, the goal is to increase revenue per visitor. It's relevant to consider both the time visitors spend in the zoo and the quality of the available experiences. And that's precisely something that has become easier to act on with the new Power BI solution.

Enhancing the hiring process and reduction in manual tasks

With digital signatures from Addo Sign, NCC no longer has to spend time, for example, printing out the contracts or scanning them in again once returned. When NCC receives a signed contract from a new employee, they have it directly inside the system, which reduces the administrative workload.

An e-commerce solution that boosts sales and reduces customer service costs

In recent years, Actona has felt pressure to make life easier and more efficient for salespersons and distributors. Therefore, they approached us with the desire to develop an e-commerce platform that could digitize sales as well as significant parts of the company's manual processes.

An inspiring digital platform that strengthens the brand and boosts B2B and B2C sales

Bloomingville approached us with the desire for a new digital platform that could inspire consumers—both private individuals and professionals—present the company's history and products, and notably drive B2B e-commerce.

DLF simplifies the access to data

With automated reports in Microsoft Power BI, they expect to save time that can be redirected towards analyzing the reports and generating greater insights and value for the business - all while eliminating the burden of a tedious manual task.

Wrist is driven by data, analyzes and insights

With a new data strategy, Wrist has in record time gone from being guided by traditional reporting to today being driven by insights from data – with a modern Azure cloud data platform as the foundation.

SEGES Innovation creates the future of agriculture with AI and MLOps

SEGES Innovation and twoday kapacity have developed and implemented an AI platform based on twoday kapacitys Best Practice MLOps Framework.

OrderYOYO professionalizes the use of data and takes the next step in their growth journey

Since their beginning in 2015 they have delivered continual growth. This growth has increased the complexity of their data sources at the same time as the need for deeper insight into data has grown.

Information Hub makes it easy to access reports at Nuuday

With ‘one point of entry’, Nuuday saves time by collecting reporting across different sources in twoday kapacity Information Hub.

Maersk Tankers democratizes access to data with new data platform

The cloud platform from Microsoft Azure makes it easier for Maersk Tankers to service all parts of the organization with data and increases collaboration in data projects across departments.

Krifa reaches new heights with a modern Data Warehouse

With a modern Data Warehouse based on the latest technology, Krifa can now make better decisions based on a common ground.

Digitalization of operations has optimized work processes

By implementing Dynamics 365 solutions and Power Platform technologies, AFA JCDecaux has achieved increased efficiency, optimized route planning, better management of advertising platforms, and improved customer experience.

System Integration - Important for growth

Söderberg & Partners integration between Pension Broker and their core system enables a fully digitized customer flow, resulting in numerous positive benefits.

Caverion renewed business application development and analytics with Microsoft Cloud

Caverion developed a new data platform and renewed development of its business applications by comprehensively leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud. New applications, that run on the unified data and applications architecture, have already delivered clear business value by increasing produ...

Go On revolutionizes personnel services with twoday AI Agent

Go On aims to provide better service to its staff and customers and to streamline its internal operations. Another reason for implementing twoday AI Agent is their goal to stay at the forefront of development and new technologies.

Fonecta aims for faster market growth by investing in key customer relationships

Fonecta is a pioneer in digital marketing and digital reputation management with tens of thousands of business customers. Fonecta aims for faster market growth through continuous development work.

Savings and emission reductions through route optimization

Route planning plays an important role in the efficiency of waste collection. Significant cost savings and environmental benefits can be achieved through more effective planning. Remeo has an extensive project to make business operations more efficient, as part of which the company started cooperati...

Beely as a pioneer in the Automotive Industry Transformation

The heart of Beely's business is iBeely, which includes the website, online store, and the ecosystem built around the business. In addition to the brand, iBeely is the company's most important competitive and differentiating factor. As the company aims to offer the most advanced digital ecosystem in...

Retta renewed real estate management’s enterprise resource planning through the Microsoft cloud

In cooperation with us Retta (formerly Realia) has developed an ERP system that extensively makes use of the Microsoft cloud and acts as a central component allowing the implementation of Retta’s strategic change programme.

Scandinavian intranet based on Microsoft 365, SharePoint

For Sweden and Norway, the development of a Scandinavian intranet based on SharePoint began earlier with a partner in Norway. However, as the project got stuck and did not progress, twoday was contacted to, as the client puts it, "take us by the hand and lead us to the finish line."