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Energy & Utilities

The Energy and Utilities sector is in a crucial phase with renewable energy transition, increasing electricity demand, and evolving consumer expectations. Challenges like infrastructure strain, extreme weather, rising costs, and geopolitical uncertainties demand innovative, secure solutions.

We are here to guide you through it. 


How we can help

Whether you are a large energy producer, national system operator, a regional distributer, integrated utilities company, or small industry disruptor, twoday can help you gain value from digital solutions. As a trusted advisor to some of the largest Energy & Utility companies in the Nordics, we understand what it takes to succeed in the energy world of tomorrow. 


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Empowering your entire customer journey 

To realize their ambitious growth ambitions, Wattn didn’t only need a system implementor, but a sparring partner that understood their needs. We helped them along the way, from building their data platform to creating their website, customer portal, and marketing campaigns. And when GlobalConnect suddenly lacked marketing expertise, our marketing, content and web experts stood ready. We understand your customer journey. 

Minimize your footprint with insights and optimization 

VandCenter Syd helps create a healthier aquatic environment by predicting and minimizing the levels of ammonia in wastewater using our Machine Learning model. In a large Finnish city, waste container emptying routes are optimized with our algorithm, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits. See our Sustainability pages to learn more about how our solutions enable our customers to become more sustainable. 


Optimize costs and operations with planning solutions  

Increased global tensions and a changing macro environment can be mitigated with the right solutions. SydVattn optimizes financial planning to reduce capital costs with INSIKT, our own planning and forecasting software.

Grundfos ensures operational stability and mitigate infrastructure issues with our device monitoring solution and security expertise. 

Save time and resources with applied IoT and AI 

Utility company N1 traditionally inspected 5,000 cable cabinets yearly. Now, they cover 80,000 in a few weeks using our AI-powered image recognition solution. Enable predictive maintenance solutions to drastically increase resource efficiency and operational stability.

Aura Energi saves time on their internal processes after we helped them take advantage of their new Data Warehouse and Power BI solution. For EWII, our Databricks implementation enabled them to increase collaboration and become more data driven.

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Industrial business applications tailored to your needs 

Some of the largest utilities companies in the Nordics have chosen us to help them select, implement, and benefit from a new business application. Several energy companies, such as Alva, partner with twoday to turn Salesforce into more than just a sales tool, but a system that dismantles silos, improves customer experiences, and generates leads.  

And if you need to have it built from scratch, we can do that too. Our more than 1,000 skilled architects and software engineers have long experience from building complex solutions that are secure, scalable, and tailored to your needs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can be your partner in digital transformation.  


Some of our work in the energy and utilities industry

Marketing for hire from twoday became the solution for GlobalConnect

The fiber provider GlobalConnect experienced a period without a marketing department. To ensure that the marketing work did not come to a complete halt, they contacted twoday to lease the expertise they needed.

Improved stakeholder communication and customer management for Fingrid

Fingrid initiated an internal change program at the beginning of 2014, aiming to develop Fingrid's organizational culture and practices towards a customer-oriented direction. The change required significant changes in operational methods, focusing on stakeholder communication and customer informatio...

Grundfos proactively detects and mitigates IT issues with twoday Insight Analytics

Grundfos, the world’s largest producer of water pumps, uses twoday Insight Analytics to optimize user experience, increase employee satisfaction and reduce the need for expensive investigations into infrastructure disruptions.

This is why Sydvatten calls INSIKT from twoday the "system of opportunities"

Sydvatten provides about a million residents of Skåne with a vital resource every day: drinking water. It is not a straightforward task. Therefore, the operation constantly works on stable and long-term planning.

Alva built a company-wide window into customer relationships using Salesforce

Alva is a company that provides water and energy services to consumer and business customers in the Jyväskylä and Viitasaari regions. After decades of local operations, the company has embarked on expanding its activities to a national and partially international level.

VandCenter Syd reduces ammonia emissions with machine learning

VandCenter Syd is one of Denmark's largest and oldest water supply companies. Their new solution, developed in collaboration with twoday, helps create a healthier aquatic environment in seas, fjords, and rivers.

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