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Mann og dame sitter foran hver sin PC og smiler

Learn and thrive with us

Career development is not just about climbing the ladder, but also about finding fulfilment and purpose in your work.

We offer a range of development programs and continuous learning opportunities to further foster the growth and advancement of our people.


Encouraging growth

Our focus on learning and development not only allows twodayers to broaden their skills set, but also encourages cross-functional collaboration and innovation.

At twoday, you can move horizontally and vertically while exploring different departments, teams or locations.

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People first

As a people-centric company, our primary focus is creating an environment where employees can truly thrive. We believe the optimal combination of freedom and responsibility brings out the best in everyone. At twoday, we empower our team members to discover a balance between work and leisure.

Having fun together
We enjoy spending time together, whether it's unwinding in the sauna, doing sports or enjoying a beer after work.

Broadening your horizon
Through our hive jumping initiative, twodayers can travel to any of our offices in five different countries. Just to say hi or to work remotely. For days, weeks or months.

1280 x 1000 kollegaer som ler og hart det hyggelig