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Globalization and uncertainty create more complex supply chains and tougher competition. It’s more important than ever to ensure efficient production with minimal waste while complying with new legislation.

Industry 4.0 requires careful navigation. Let twoday be your partner in facing these challenges with leading digital solutions.  


How we can help you

Several of the Nordics’ leading and most innovative manufacturing and industrial corporations have partnered with us to become set for the future. Whether you are in machinery, marine, or automotive, we understand your business.

Gain business insights that drive innovation   

Turn supply chain complexity into clarity in an efficient, secure, and data-driven manner. At GN, we make unstructured customer feedback become insights to enhance audio product innovation, using on Machine Learning.

We help Tomra make critical decisions, automize manual processes and preparing for AI projects. Tomra, and many other industrials, can now make sense of the vast amount of data from their machines due to our data integration, data processing and API expertise.

At Alumeco, we reduce customer churn and optimize inventory turnover with advanced prediction models. Regardless of what you produce, twoday can empower you to take advantage of your data. 

Increase operational efficiency and reduce waste 

It doesn’t matter how many sensors you have if you can’t utilize the data to improve the efficiency or quality of your processes. Jets now manages their total Co2 emissions with our Power BI solution that structures data across multiple systems. Essity have revolutionized the way airports replenishes hygiene supplies using our IoT expertise.

Optimar Commander, an Azure-based platform we built for a global leader in automated fish handling equipment, enables users to collect, monitor, and analyze data from IoT sensors on production equipment in factories and vessels. Other producers, such as Derome, have turned to us when building compete and modern data management platforms.

The modern data warehousing solution we have built for Valmet Automotive enables them to maximize the production capacity of their car plant.

That matters. 

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Get the most out of your business applications  

You don’t only need the right enterprise solution, but also a partner that understands how it can maximize your business potential. We have helped Tommerup Heilskov move to the cloud with Business Central to ensuring them the flexibility they require.

Our expertise enabled Pintos to adopt Salesforce in a way that not only supports their sales processes but improve them. And we implemented Anaplan for Walki, they went from reactive action to proactive production planning that optimizes pricing and procurement processes.

Reach out to learn more about the other industry solutions we offer, from low-code to field service applications.

Some of our work in the manufacturing industry

New Business Central Cloud solution is an important step in Tommerup Heilskov's digital future.

At Tommerup Heilskov, the decision to replace the ERP system was not a difficult one. The chosen solution was Business Central Cloud, and they have not regretted it.

BDX achieves new goals with INSIKT

Ensuring that an organization as large and diverse as BDX works in the same direction is a challenge. BDX has made significant progress in its goal-setting work and has many tips on how to reach new levels.

NAC makes value-adding decisions with new Data Warehouse

Over the last several years, Nordic Aviation Capital has experienced great growth, which has increased the number and complexity of data sources. As a result, NAC needed a solution that could combine all their different data sources into one system.

Video-case: New BI solution elevates CASA to a higher level

CASA's new BI solution provides the company with a single truth, meaning, that there is no longer a risk of different interpretations of their data.

Alumeco makes better decisions based on BI

Alumeco has continuously developed into a company that is in control of their data and can make decisions based on their insight into data. Most recently, a churn prediction model has been developed that provides new insights into customer data.

One efficient web portal

One efficient web portal for bids, order management, and customer service – and it's easy to use too. Bandagist-Centret has acquired a portal that meets all needs in an extremely specialized industry, and the solution is so successful that foreign orthopedic suppliers want to purchase it.

GN utilizes machine learning to analyze customer feedback

How can you use data to further improve your products? That is the question Søren Christensen asked himself and his team back in 2018. He is currently Head of Data and Analytics at GN Group, but was at the time head of GN Audio’s Customer Quality department.

Salesforce provided a scalable solution for Pintos

One significant challenge on Reunanen's desk was finding a CRM system to support sales processes. Previously, there was a lack of consistency in information management. Critical information for customer relationships was scattered across various systems.

Walki got better business planning and forecasting with Anaplan

Walki, a frontrunner in the packaging industry, was challenged by the fragmentation of data and design into different systems. This made it difficult for them to collect and use data effectively in planning and reporting processes.

Modern data warehousing solution helps Valmet Automotive to make better business decisions

The automobile industry is an international, competitive and rapidly changing industry. For a Finnish car plant to be successful, it must be a step ahead of its competitors in terms of skills, tools, suppliers and partners.

Presto secures the future with a data-driven decision-making process

With substantial growth in a short span, Presto had outgrown its current solution and needed a more efficient way to manage its operations. More and more time was spent on manual updates of models and tracking templates, becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the actual changes in reality.

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