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“Our values are not just words on a website - they are embedded in the walls for real."

At twoday, we prioritize people. By supporting employees' career paths and development, we also maintain engagement and motivation. This leads to retaining expertise as competition between workplaces increases. Read the interview with Evelina Åblad, People Lead & Analytics Specialist, who has transitioned from developer to team leader - to now partially work with HR at twoday.
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Evelina Åblad and some colleagues from the Gothenburg office, along with this year's graduates.


twoday has a warm and helpful culture

After studying for a degree in IT engineering at Chalmers and working in the industry for a few years, Evelina Åblad started as a developer at twoday in 2015. Since then, much has happened, both in the company and in her role. In recent years, she has shown increasing interest in HR, and today her role is People Lead & Analytics Specialist.

-We who work with analysis are still like a small company within the large one. Previously, I was a team leader and got involved in everything from recruitment to summer parties, and when we recently defined responsibilities a bit more clearly, we decided that I should focus more on that aspect. It's fun to try something new, says Evelina.

Although the company has changed names and ownership during her time, Evelina believes that the culture has persisted.

-It's the people here who have made me stay so long. twoday has a warm and helpful culture, people really care, says Evelina.


Evelina and colleagues are out at a student fair

The important engagement

One of our key metrics at twoday is employee engagement, which is also clearly signaled by management and the corporation. There is a strong emphasis on engaged employees laying the foundation for satisfied customers, profitable businesses, and happy owners. Therefore, much investment is made in guiding employees to work in the areas where they feel the most drive and passion.

"Our values are not just words on a website - they are embedded in the walls for real. " 



Evelina is also one of our stars in our webinar series Talk twoday, where she speaks about the value of making data-driven decisions 

Employees' opinions matter

Every other month, an employee survey is conducted, resulting in a total engagement score. In addition, all employees have individual meetings with their immediate supervisor every other week to follow up on progress and ensure they are on the right track. This way, twoday can ensure that all employees constantly feel they are in the driver's seat of their own careers and can switch focus when necessary.

-We have many examples of consultants who have become salespeople, or salespeople who suddenly learn to develop and start delivering customer projects. Work should always be enjoyable, says Evelina.

She herself is also an example of a successful career change, and she believes the key to that is that the people around her have truly listened to her wishes and cared about her job satisfaction.

-We know that there is tough competition for resources and a significant skills shortage in the market. It's important to ensure that all employees have opportunities for personal development, says Evelina. She adds that it also provides an opportunity for the employer - if you ensure that the right person is in the right place, you get more out of your resources.


IT is about people

Another way to address the significant skills shortage in the IT industry is to actively work to encourage more women to choose technical education and careers. The gender disparity is significant, although Evelina has seen a change happening the last years.

-When I studied engineering, we were only five girls out of hundred people in the class. Today, women make up about 30% of the IT industry, so I hope it gets better and better. With each generation, we become more intertwined with technology, and I hope the gap narrows, says Evelina.

When asked about what she believes leads to fewer women than men choosing technical career paths, she thinks it partly may be because many are intimidated by a male-dominated industry.

-I also find that many women dream of working with people and therefore dismiss the technical path, but the IT industry also consists of people. As an IT consultant, you need to understand people's actual needs, empathize with their problems, and solve them. I don't think many young girls realize how creative and personal the profession is, says Evelina.

At twoday, it's precisely the people who are the core. It's tied to the important engagement they strive for, but also the strong drive present in the company.

-We want a lot, and it shows. We operate in an industry where things change rapidly, and you must constantly adapt. It's also in our values - to embrace it, like changes, and find new solutions, concludes Evelina Åblad.


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