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An inspiring digital platform that strengthens the brand and boosts B2B and B2C sales

Bloomingville website forside

Who is Bloomingville?

Everywhere in the world, you'll find Bloomingville's popular home design products – from four unique brands: Bloomingville, Bloomingville MINI, Creative Collection, and ILLUME x Bloomingville. Maybe even in your own home?

Since 2000, this multi-brand house has assisted everyday designers – you and me – in furnishing beautiful and inviting homes. They achieve this by launching a total of four collections biannually, along with an annual Christmas collection. This way, the company can consistently turn consumers' new ideas and dreams into reality.

The challenge

How can you inspire and making sales at the same time?

Bloomingville approached us with the desire for a new digital platform that could inspire consumers—both private individuals and professionals—present the company's history and products, and notably drive B2B e-commerce.

Therefore, the new website must fulfill several objectives. The site should strengthen consumers' brand perception of Bloomingville's four brands and serve as a sales engine for retailers worldwide.

Bloomingville case

The solution

An inspiring brand universe

Bloomingville's solution stands on a solid technical foundation. Thanks to integration with the relevant business systems, the company achieves high automation and optimal utilization of the rich data volumes from PIM.

However, technology isn't everything. That's why we've created a design that enhances the digital brand expression of Bloomingville's four brands and ensures a great buying journey for both individual consumers and retailers. Our focus here has been on inspiring and creating a desire to explore the many products.

On the new website, Bloomingville inspires, for example, by bridging the gap between environmental images and products. With a user-friendly hotspot function, you can easily click on the products you see in the environmental image. Simple and very effective.

Simple and effective B2B e-commerce

The product presentation of Bloomingville's four brands has been taken to a new level. All products are showcased in an inspiring and visually rich environment, and at the bottom of each product page, you can see related products.

To further emphasize the universe and assist consumers, Bloomingville's Creative Director presents their own favorites. Additionally, the website offers a wide range of technical and sales-supporting features, such as B2B e-commerce and the ability for salespeople and agents to create a new customer directly in NAV and make purchases for the customer.

Bloomingville website hotspots
Inspirerende brandunivers mobil
Bloomingville varekort mobil

The process

Finished within six months

Bloomingville's new website is the result of close collaboration between our technical and conceptual team and Bloomingville's IT and Marketing departments. The process looked like this:

  • Preliminary analysis to clarify user needs and business objectives
  • Development of user purchasing journeys (B2C & B2B)
  • Design creation
  • Establishment of integrations with NAV and PIM
  • Implementation of design and construction of the webshop
  • Training and subsequent development of content pages
  • Testing and launch

The work has only taken six months—from the first meeting to the final launch.

10 years of experience with B2B e-commerce achieved in 6 months

Over the past 10 years, we've assisted 20+ interior and furniture companies in achieving success with B2B e-commerce solutions.

This has given us unique insights into what works (and what doesn't) in terms of strategy, design, and technology in the interior and furniture industry.

We've gathered this knowledge into a 6-month development program, enabling interior and furniture companies to achieve B2B e-commerce success more easily and rapidly.

This program is called Espresso M, forming the foundation of our work with Bloomingville. With Espresso M, Bloomingville gained 10 years of B2B e-commerce experience in just 6 months.

Bloomingville storytelling med Helenes favoritter

The result

The website drives the business

With its new website, Bloomingville has enhanced its digital presence to align with the company's brand. However, the solution results in (much) more:

  • Bloomingville has showcased its design products in the digital shop window, allowing retailers and end-users to easily see what they can't live without this season.
  • Bloomingville is now actively involved in the purchasing journey, inspiring users and supporting the company's sales.
  • The website has transformed from being a digital order pad to an upselling B2B webshop.
  • Bloomingville's employees have gained an intuitive environment where, as an editor, you can easily build pages without external assistance.

In short: Today, the website drives Bloomingville's business forward—unlike before when the old site maintained the company's status quo.




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Global website with three language versions


CMS and e-commerce platform: Dynamicweb
PIM: Salsify
Integration with NAV and PIM

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