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How to create a user-friendly intranet with AI

In this article, we explain how you can use AI to create a user-friendly intranet that offers your employees faster support without increasing the workload for support functions.
6/13/24 10:36 AM Josefin Holmberg


What are language models (LLM)?


AI, or artificial intelligence, is a field within computer science focused on creating systems and software capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. This encompasses techniques like machine learning, where computers are trained on data to enhance their performance over time.

Language models are a specific application within AI and are a type of machine learning model trained to understand and generate human language. They can be used for tasks such as text generation, automatic translation, and chatbots. An example of a language model is GPT-4, used in ChatGPT, which is an advanced language model designed to generate text based on user input.


Where are we now in the AI landscape?

We are currently in a phase where AI is primarily used to improve and streamline existing processes, helping companies save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks. This includes processes in HR, customer service, IT, case management, specialist roles, and data analysis.

AI development is progressing rapidly and is expected to be able to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources to create entirely new processes and solutions in the future. Over the long term, we might anticipate increasingly autonomous systems, though achieving complete autonomy devoid of human involvement remains a distant goal.


Creating a user-friendly intranet with AI

AI Agent-chatt-eng

Integrating AI functionality into the intranet in the form of a chatbot offers many benefits for both employees and the organization. By automating repetitive tasks and providing quick support, you can create a more efficient and engaging workplace with the help of AI.

An AI chat on the intranet serves as a robust search engine allowing employees to ask questions and promptly receive answers regarding company policies, HR information, technical support, FAQs, and more. This streamlines access to information, relieving the burden on support functions and eliminating the need to sift through numerous pages and documents.

When implementing AI functionality, it can be advantageous to start small, for example with a specific chat focused on HR support, and then expand with more chats for other purposes as the need grows.



What is twoday AI Agent?

twoday AI Agent was launched in spring 2023 and has since been implemented by 100 customers, supporting over 100 different use cases across both private and public sectors.

The solution combines different language models and integrates with your data or systems. It is not locked to a specific language model but can be used with the language model that suits your business.

Unlike other solutions on the market, twoday AI Agent offers the flexibility to download language models locally (on-premises), making it ideal for users handling sensitive data. Alternatively, users can opt for the convenience of using the solution as a cloud service, which is preferred for those working with public data.



The solution has an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface, meaning you don't need any technical expertise to use the agent. By providing the solution with clear instructions, you can control how the AI Agent should act on the data you have trained it with.

twoday AI Agent can be applied to any existing process, with some of the most common use cases being processes within HR, IT, customer service, and for specialist roles that often need to search and summarize information from extensive documents. The solution also has ready integrations with, for example, SharePoint, Outlook, Zendesk, and Iron Python.

And the best part: twoday AI Agent has a ready operational environment, meaning your company can start using the solution immediately – without projects lasting months or years.

Discover the possibilities with AI on the intranet

Automate your processes, reduce workload, and get faster support with twoday AI Agent on the intranet.

- Easy-to-use chat function

- Simple to integrate into existing systems

- Ask questions and get answers – in any language

- Reduce workload for departments like HR and IT

- Help employees get faster support

- Assist in onboarding new hires



Learn more about twoday AI Agent here.

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