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3 tips for creating a successful IT strategy

Maintaining a robust IT strategy is vital for competitiveness and growth in today's digital landscape. A carefully crafted IT strategy not only enhances efficiency but also equips your business to compete effectively and adapt to future challenges.
4/23/24 8:57 AM Josefin Holmberg

3 tips for creating a successful IT strategy

Many businesses today have a lot of exciting IT initiatives but often lack strategic coordination. For your IT strategy to effectively support the digitalization goals of your business, these initiatives must align seamlessly. Below, we outline three valuable tips for creating a successful IT strategy that harmonizes with your overarching goals and vision.


  1. Analysis of current situation and GAP
    Analyzing your current situation enables a deeper understanding of your organization's status and uncovers opportunities for improvement. A valuable tool for this is GAP analysis, which highlights the disparity between current and optimal operations

  2. Goals and vision

    An essential aspect is to ensure that the IT strategy aligns with your business's overarching goals and vision. Before crafting a successful IT strategy, it's crucial to clarify what your business intends to accomplish with it. Is the focus on cost efficiency, modernization, or another objective? How do these goals fit into the broader objectives of your business? With these considerations in mind, you can then establish a vision for its future implementation.

  3. Resources and skills 

    What expertise currently exists within the organization? Is it sufficient to meet the resource needs to achieve your goals? What skills do you need to add internally, and which can you use external consultants for?


Magnus-Karlsson“To succeed with an effective IT strategy, it's essential to understand the direction the business aims to take, its overarching goals, and how IT can facilitate this progression. This involves cultivating an IT environment that evolves in alignment with the business's future vision. 

Drawing from my experience as a consultant and former CIO, I've observed a recurring need for organizations to clarify whether the IT strategy pertains solely to the IT department or aligns with the organization's broader strategy to harness digitalization effectively. There may also be organizational challenges and boundaries that need to be clarified in connection with the development of the strategy."

Magnus Karlsson, Head of Consulting Services at twoday 

Do you have the resources needed to maintain and further develop your IT maturity?

To facilitate an effective IT strategy, it pays off to have good expertise in place and a good understanding of how IT can contribute to business development.

twoday stands as one of the leading technology companies in the Nordics, with extensive experience and strong expertise in developing IT strategies, automating processes, and implementing platforms and tools. Partnering with us, you gain access to over 2700 experts in digital transformation and development.

Together, we map out your needs and desires and determine which areas should be reviewed and improved to help you more easily achieve your goals and create a future-proof IT strategy. We assist you with:

  • An effective IT strategy including digital strategy, data strategy, and IT security
  • Pre-study and GAP analysis of your data
  • Consultation on technology choices within IT infrastructure and functionality
  • Address critical skills gaps with experienced consultants
  • AI implementation for automating your processes


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