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At twoday, we specialize in overcoming complex, business-critical challenges with cutting-edge technology. Our team of skilled specialists offer technology-independent consulting, allowing you to focus on finding the best digital solutions for your organization. 

Adapting to diverse needs, whether you aim to digitize existing business processes or develop new digital solutions, we provide IT consultants, from talented newcomers to seasoned professionals. This flexibility ensures access to the most skilled and innovative consultants tailored to your organization's needs. 



Our consulting services are designed to meet the evolving digital market's need for competence and collaboration. Our experts cover various fields, helping you assemble the essential building blocks for a successful digital shift. Our expertise encompasses: 

  • Software Development: Crafting new applications that enhance your business. 
  • Usability: Emphasizing user-friendliness in every solution. 
  • IT Infrastructure: Providing support for the maintenance and development of your IT infrastructure. 
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing: Specialists optimizing the potential of your data. 
  • Project/Program Management: Leading successful projects with specialized expertise. 
  • Procurement Consultants: Experienced consultants adept at meeting your project requirements. 
  • Agile Development: Specialists in agile methodologies like Scrum, SAFe, Spotify, and more. 
  • IT Analysts: Analyzing your existing IT setup for informed decision-making. 

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Software engineering

Our experienced software engineers work together with clients, crafting tailored solutions that not only meet your unique needs but also elevate your business value. With a focus on modernization and security, we ensure that your solutions remain cutting edge and support evolving requirements.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide comprehensive consulting services to guide businesses in making informed technology decisions. 


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