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Exploring the world of hive jumping

Hive jumping is a new initiative from twoday that allows employees to visit and work from any of the countries we operate in. Here are some highlights from the Swedish branch.
11/3/23 11:54 AM twoday Group

What is hive jumping?

At twoday, we continuously work to promote collaboration between colleagues and teams within our global network. With 2,700 employees in 30 offices spread across five different countries, the idea of hive jumping was born. It's a new initiative that gives all employees the opportunity to explore our different offices in Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Hive jumping offers many benefits, such as the opportunity to explore new destinations while being able to work comfortably from any office. With this initiative, we encourage employees to explore new cities, get to know colleagues, and visit different locations.

Gothenburg on top of the list

The hive jumping initiative has already been widely utilized by our Swedish colleagues. One destination stands out as the most popular: Gothenburg, the vibrant city where humor flows as abundantly as the sea breeze!

twoday's has two offices in Gothenburg, one located on the main boulevard in the city centre at Kungsportsavenyn and one in the Kineum building, on the 13th floor with a fantastic view of Gothenburg. Here, you'll find twodayers from three different business units: twoday Analytics, twoday INSIGHT, and Annevo.

Shared knowledge in UX and design

Our UX designers in Stockholm, Isabella Giös and Unni Özbek, took the opportunity to hive jump and visit the office in Gothenburg to meet with colleagues in design and development at Annevo.

"We were greeted by incredibly nice people and energy, had an exciting client meeting, and had many fruitful conversations about design," the two of them share. 

Project management from the west coast

Kristina Cavallin, one of our project managers at the twoday office in Skellefteå, also decided to visit the Gothenburg office. Not just once, but twice!

This opportunity has not only allowed her to change her work environment but also to get to know new colleagues and get closer to clients.

"I had the privilege to sit and work in Annevo's fantastic office environment in Gothenburg on two occasions. During my visit, I met with clients from the city of Gothenburg and the people I've been working with remotely for about 2.5 years. Thank you for a pleasant welcome, I would gladly come again!" Kristina shares.

The management joins the trend

Even the management at the Stockholm office is embracing the Gothenburg trend and visiting their colleagues at Annevo. Richard Börjesson, CEO of twoday Sweden, shares his thoughts on the new initiative:

"Hive jumping gives our employees a unique opportunity not only to work from different locations and experience different work environments, but also to foster better cohesion among colleagues. This is a benefit that we believe will increase both the well-being and productivity within the company."

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