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How AI can become the new colleague in the public sector

For a long time, there has been a discussion about AI and its impact on society. Will it replace jobs? Is it a crucial step in the future of technology? Will machines eventually dominate the world? The last scenario may be far off, but it's time to see AI as a complement to human strengths rather than a replacement. With the right solution, AI can facilitate tasks and free up time.
3/1/24 8:05 AM Isabel Gustavsson

The word AI is buzzing across industries today, both in private and public sectors. There are major investments in technology, and new roles are being created to keep up with the development. This has resulted in several practical AI-based solutions hitting the market, making it a perfect opportunity for the public sector to hop on the AI train.

What role does AI have in the public sector?

It's easy to dismiss AI as a trendy "buzzword," and it can be difficult to understand how it can help public sector organizations. With the right solution, processes that have been considered time-consuming can suddenly free up time for employees and give them the opportunity to focus on more qualitative tasks. It simply becomes a colleague who never takes a vacation or even a coffee break.

Examples of how AI can affect operations in the public sector:

  • Improve service to citizens with an agent who can always answer questions
  • Simplify handling and administration
  • Easy and fast access to information


Unite the strengths between humans and machines

There are many human characteristics that cannot be replaced by AI (at least not yet) – such as common sense, cognitive flexibility, generalizations, and the ability to always chat about the weather.

But when it comes to quickly finding information and summarizing information from large amounts of data, AI is unbeatable. The need to automate and simplify processes is becoming increasingly clear in the public sector, and more organizations are beginning to realize that AI is more than just a trendy word.


Where to start?

To maximize the value of AI, it's a good start to begin with a few AI applications on established processes with good documentation, and then scale up when the effects of implementation can be more clearly demonstrated. It helps to have a strategy driven by real needs to then see the real effects of an AI solution.

The biggest challenge is the lack of skills and knowledge. But that's what we at twoday are here for. We have already helped authorities with their AI strategy and customized solutions. Get in touch if you are ready to join them!

Are you working in the public sector and curious about how AI can streamline your operations?

Be a part of the changing world and create a future where AI supports your work and contributes to a more efficient organization for the benefit of citizens.

The use of AI in the public sector is an exciting development. With the right strategy and responsible implementation, it can become an indispensable resource for building a more quality-assured and citizen-centered public sector, as well as creating faster decision-making processes and more efficient handling. 


  • Simplified handling and administration 
  • Faster decision-making processes
  • Smooth and qualitative citizen service

Learn more about twoday's AI Agent for the public sector here.

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