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Lighting company launched AI bot Chris – the ultimate assistant for customers and employees

Norwegian lighting company Christiania Belysning has taken a big step into the future with AI agent Chris. By leveraging all the structured product information they have, they have created the ultimate store assistant for their online store.
11/17/23 1:56 PM twoday Group

Christiania Belysning (CB) has been on a transformation journey since 2018, continuously working towards their vision of being a leading lighting specialist in Norway. To advise their customers in the best possible way, CB has invested a lot of effort in structuring all the information about their products and services, followed by training for their stores.

However, with so many products, there is a lot of information for customers to navigate, and CB wanted to think differently. AI and Chat GPT had already taken the world by storm, giving CB an idea: "What is really possible?" The ideas were many, and the creativity level was high, leading CB to the twoday AI Agent.

Using the company's own information

The twoday AI Agent is a groundbreaking AI application that, using GPT's language model, streamlines and automates an organization's information processing. With the twoday AI Agent, CB could utilize all the structured product information they have to create the ultimate store assistant for their online store.

The twoday AI Agent also has a ready-to-use operating environment, allowing companies to start using the service immediately, which was important for CB. This resulted in the creation of Chris, an AI bot built on the twoday AI Agent. Chris helps customers navigate the website and find the products they want while making information available at a whole new level.

"It's great that the AI Agent was a solution that was so ready that even those who are not developers can actually work with it,"- Elisabeth Bakken, E-commerce and Marketing Manager at Christiania Lighting.

Response exceeded all expectations

With Chris in place on the website, customers can easily get answers to their questions instead of having to search for them themselves. CB could easily input all the product information and service content they had into AI-Chris, both directly from existing websites and from PDF documents, Excel, and other sources. This means that CB has full control and ownership of the sources Chris uses to answer customers.

The response has exceeded all expectations. CB had a goal of reaching 400 questions by the end of August. Just a few days after the launch, several thousand had tried AI-Chris. To get the bot to work and provide accurate answers, it had to be fed with information about lighting in general and the products of Christiania Lighting in particular.

Together with Christiania Belysning, we have fine-tuned and set up guidelines. Chris favors the company's own data and searches their information first. Chris is not only helpful for customers but also for employees. 

The project has also gained a lot of attention from the industry, and more and more people are realizing the possibilities of AI.

"It's fun to be involved in the early stages of such a new and big project. And it's something everyone is talking about," says Bakken.

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