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More and more public sector organizations are adopting Microsoft 365.

The circumstances surrounding the adoption of Microsoft 365 in the public sector have shifted, leading to a growing number of organizations benefiting from the advantages the platform offers – in the form of smart applications and AI.
4/16/24 10:38 AM Josefin Holmberg

The public sector is transitioning to a more efficient workplace with Microsoft 365.

Increased remote work and updated legal regulations have prompted a shift in many public sector organizations, now embracing Microsoft 365 despite earlier apprehensions about cloud-based data storage. This is partly due to new legal conditions introduced in July 2023:

  • On July 1, a new law came into effect introducing a provision that allows authorities to disclose confidential information to external providers of outsourcing or cloud services.
  • On July 10, the EU Commission made a significant decision by approving the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. This decision signifies that the handling of personal data in the United States is deemed to meet the requisite adequacy standards as per EU legislation. Consequently, this paves the way for the transfer of personal data between the EU and the USA in an authorized manner.

Thanks to this positive development, an increasing number of public sector entities are opting to leverage the full benefits provided by the Microsoft platform, including streamlined collaboration and heightened productivity within the organization. Embracing Microsoft 365 enables working smarter, resulting in numerous time-saving benefits such as enhanced document and project management efficiency, as well as automated workflows and processes.


Getting started with a successful implementation of Microsoft 365

For a successful implementation, it's essential to begin by assessing current work methods and conditions. Identify the organization's goals and requirements, as well as the desired outcomes and areas where the most significant improvements can be made.

You should also have a well-defined plan for how the technology will be used and how employees will be trained to work as efficiently as possible with the technology.

With the assistance of seasoned experts who analyze your specific needs and challenges, providing guidance on the optimal utilization of Microsoft 365, you can propel your digitization journey forward.

Are you ready to implement Microsoft 365?

We acknowledge the challenges of managing structures, processes, security, and configurations, and recognize that adopting new tools can be overwhelming.

 At twoday, we are over 1000 Microsoft experts with extensive experience in implementing technical solutions to ensure good security and internal control.

We offer comprehensive assistance, ranging from providing licenses and optimizing processes to offering advice and support, ensuring that you can fully leverage the Microsoft platform's potential.


Read more about how you can streamline your workplace with Microsoft here.


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