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Optimize your website with Content recommendation

It is becoming increasingly important to offer your visitors a unique user experience that stands out from the crowd. With the help of Content recommendation, you can both improve the user experience, increase traffic to the website, reduce costs for analysis and support, and reduce the amount of administrative work.
5/8/23 3:58 PM twoday Group

What is Content recommendation?

Content recommendation is a software solution used to suggest relevant content and personalised suggestions to your website visitors based on their past behaviour and interests, with the aim of optimising the user experience.

This is typically done by collecting and analysing user and product data such as search history, links clicked and behavioural patterns to predict which content may be most relevant and interesting to the user.

What are the advantages of Content recommendation?

There are many benefits to using Content recommendation. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Improved user experience. By suggesting relevant content to visitors, you can both increase engagement and create an improved user experience on your website or intranet.
  • Increased traffic and page views on your website. Customised and relevant content means that the number of visitors to your website increases, and that they are more likely to consume a greater amount of information and stay longer on the site.
  • Highlight new products or services. With Content recommendation, you can promote new products or services to users who may be interested in them, which can help increase sales.
  • Reduced costs for support and reduced administration. With the help of Content recommendation, you can reduce costs for analysis and support, and avoid spending time on manual administration work.

How do you get started with Content recommendation?

It is easy to get started with Content recommendation as the function can be added as an additional service on websites and intranets based on Optimizely.

twoday is an Optimizely Gold Partner and has worked with Optimizely for over 20 years and delivered over 500 projects. We are happy to help you with advice on additional services and with the implementation of Content recommendation on your website or intranet.

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