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Technology and social responsibility for a sustainable future


With technological development comes an increased responsibility to take care of society and the environment, says Kristin Nyberg of twoday Norway.
4/26/23 1:15 PM twoday Group
Kristin Nyberg is Managing Director of twoday Norway. Photo: Karl Henrik Børseth

— As technologists, we have a great responsibility to develop solutions that are sustainable and take into account the environment and society. It is important to have a holistic perspective on technology and understand that it is also about people, says Kristin Nyberg, Managing Director of twoday Norway.

Sustainability based on data

twoday delivers digital transformation projects and IT consultancy services. We use data-driven insights to improve existing solutions in the public and private sector. Nyberg says that implementing sustainable technology solutions can be based on this insight.

—  When consumption patterns changed as a result of the pandemic, we used insights from data collection to see how stores could adapt their offering. That way they could continue to be profitable. These solutions contributed to saving businesses and workplaces in a difficult time, Nyberg explains.

She points out that it is rewarding to contribute with data-driven insight that positively impacts society.

— We have also helped property companies that need a better overview of their buildings. Based on this, we find ways to streamline and optimise how spaces are used. Several buildings are empty after working hours, and can be used for other activities so that there are fewer buildings that need heating — and you don't have to build more than necessary, she adds.

Important for young talents

Nyberg sees major changes in what young talents in the industry are looking for in a job. Working for a company that is serious about their social responsibility has become increasingly important.

— The talents in today's labour market have increasingly high expectations of their employer, and many are concerned with their take on sustainability and social responsibility. Solving important social tasks increases our productivity and motivation, she says.

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