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Software Trainee

twoday Sweden

Why did you choose twoday?

I worked here part-time during my last year at the university and enjoyed the atmosphere and coworkers so much that I stayed. I worked here when we became twoday in the fall of 2022, so I’ve been here since the start.


What’s your favorite part about being a twodayer?

The community. It feels like we all know each other, even when we work at different locations.


“It feels easy to balance life and work here. Initiatives from coworkers such as sports-related activities, after works, and game nights really help too.”


What does our purpose, “We create a better tomorrow through technology”, mean to you?

It means that my daily work makes a difference. To see what I’ve created being used by someone else and being appreciated is something that really motivates me.


What’s the twoday culture like?

I’d say that the culture is really friendly. A group of people that works together, with great chemistry. We’re friends outside of working hours too!

What I do as a Software Trainee

  • As a software trainee I’m part of a team creating custom software development services for businesses and organizations. Right now I’m working on the product INSIKT, adding notifications and other features to the product.

  • I fix potential bugs in various products and add new features to elevate them.


  • A typical day starts with our morning meeting where we go through the tasks of the day and bring up challenges that may have come up.

  • This summer I’m also mentoring one of our summer interns.


What are some initiatives you take part in at the office?

I don’t have any previous work experience in the field since I started working here directly after my studies, but I’ve been quite involved in finding new talent through the university. Because I was a student myself when I started here, I still attended student marketing events. I tried to bring all the things that felt captivating back to the office to perfect our way of being an attractive company.


What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

It depends on the season. In the summertime, I really like to hang out with my family in our summer house, riding the boat and maybe some fishing. In the winter I like to ski and play or watch hockey.


How would you describe the ability to balance life and work as a twodayer?

It feels easy to balance life and work here. Initiatives from coworkers such as sports-related activities, after works, and game nights really help too.

Let’s code a better future together

Everyone is going through digital transformation. Few know how to do it. This is where we come in – hand in hand with the latest and greatest technology. 

We’re an international community of more than 2.000 people doing great things with tech to create a better society. Perhaps you would like to join us? 

Our employees are our most important asset – and we are always looking for new playmates across different technologies.

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