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EWII optimizes data analysis with Databricks

Case: EWII

A successful PoC with Databricks has resulted in increased flexibility and collaboration in data analysis at EWII. They are now planning to expand the use of Databricks.


What EWII has achieved

EWII has conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) to test Databricks for enhancing their data analysis efforts. Based on the PoC, the conclusions are as follows:

  • Databricks provides a more flexible and open approach to data management and analysis
  • A less rigid structure allows analysts to quickly and effectively add and manipulate data
  • Increased collaboration between data teams and analysts by centralizing data and analysis tools

A data-driven energy company

The energy and supply company, EWII, provides electricity, water, district heating, and fiber to Triangle Region and operates the electricity supply on Bornholm.

Like many other organizations dealing with vast amounts of data, EWII continually considers ways to optimize their data management and analysis practices.

In collaboration with twoday kapacity, EWII has carried out a PoC in selected business areas with the aim of testing whether there were business advantages to be gained by using Databricks.


Databricks empowers analysts


Martin Engmark is Head of Business Support, which includes three main areas, one of which is data and business intelligence (BI).

He explains that EWII's current data warehouse with a classic cube structure is rigidly defined, limiting analysts' ability to efficiently and quickly add and manipulate data.

"We have considered what we can do to meet the growing demand from business analysts for a more open approach to data in certain areas," Martin Engmark says.

"The ability to quickly add and process data and the ability to respond to changing market conditions are crucial to our competitiveness.”

Martin Engmark, Head of Business Support, EWII

A more open approach to data

To address these challenges, Martin Engmark and EWII chose to test Databricks in a PoC. He explains the reason behind choosing Databricks:

"Databricks offers a more open approach to data, where you can use data in a more fluid form than our current platform allows. You can easily add new data sources, manipulate them as you like, and share files for use elsewhere. This provides us with clear benefits."

Advantages of Databricks:

Speed and agility

The increased ability to quickly add and manipulate data allows analysts to respond to changing market conditions and develop tailored analyses and models.

Flexibility and scalability

EWII experienced a new level of flexibility in adding and manipulating data across different sources. The platform's scalability also makes it easy to handle large volumes of data without compromising performance.

Collaboration and sharing

The Databricks platform facilitates collaboration across projects for analysts, promoting faster development and knowledge sharing.

Successful PoC paves the way for more

After running the Databricks PoC, Martin Engmark's conclusion is clear: Databricks is a tool that provides EWII with several advantages compared to their existing setup.

Today, they are expanding their use of Databricks to build their own models for their portfolio management and trading department. Moreover, there are several other parts of the business where they will consider implementing Databricks.

During the PoC, Martin Engmark has been pleased with the collaboration with twoday kapacity:

"We have built a strong and lasting collaboration with twoday kapacity's consultants. We always ensure close cooperation on the solutions, so there's minimal handover because we've learned the solution along the way and can take it further afterward," concludes Martin Engmark.

About EWII

EWII is an energy and supply company with a strong local presence, delivering electricity, water, district heating, and fiber infrastructure to the Triangle Region, and managing the electricity supply on Bornholm.

EWII constantly works on optimizing its energy production and supply networks to meet future needs. Through investments in new technology and digital innovation, EWII strives to deliver energy in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

In total, EWII employs more than 600 people.


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