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Close Collaboration to Optimize Solwr's Digital Presence


Solwr is a leading provider of ERP software, integrations, automation, and warehouse robots. They deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) solution Trace, as well as the warehouse robots Sort and Grab.


Solwr aims to build scalable, sustainable, and integrable solutions - built on their culture of innovation and closeness in all their relationships.


Everything gathered in one place

Like many others, Solwr sees the value of a clear and consistent digital presence. In the fall of 2023, Solwr chose to consolidate its digital needs with one total provider, believing it would create synergies.

Solwr chose twoday to handle the website and SEO, as well as Google advertising. With Pia as the project manager at twoday, we had a unique understanding of the customer's business and vision - since she came from the role of marketing manager at Solwr.


Visibility and advertising

Part of the collaboration includes a strategic approach to SEO and Google advertising. twoday conducted an insight phase to map Solwr's products, needs, and the market. We delivered a keyword analysis for advertising, as well as a comprehensive risk analysis of the content structure on the website. This contributed to increased visibility and a more optimal website structure.



Website development

twoday has been collaborating with Solwr on website development since 2022. Now, we are embarking on further website development, starting with the product pages. Vest Studio works on design, and twoday handles programming and development - to realize Solwr's vision together.


Close collaboration

twoday has experience with various forms of collaboration, based on customer needs. However, there is no doubt about which ones we find most effective - and it is when we are close to the customer and other involved parties. Trust and a close customer relationship, combined with our expertise in web development and digital marketing, will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Solwr's digital presence.


"Our website is an important element in our brand building. twoday has assisted in the establishment and further development of this since we established Solwr in the spring of 2022. twoday also assists us in digital marketing and is an important partner in realizing Solwr's ambitions."

- Fredrik Kallevig, Commercial Director/CCO i Solwr