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Almondy – a data-driven bakery

Customer case: Almondy

At Almondy's bakery, every cake is baked to perfection – with the help of data. Ensuring every employee has streamlined access to data is essential for efficient decision-making. For years, Almondy has turned to twoday for support."



Cakes and pastries delivered to over 50 countries

Many pastry enthusiasts know Almondy, the Swedish bakery born in the 80s when its founders discovered an irresistibly delicious almond cake recipe.

Today, Almondy distributes cakes and pastries to over 50 countries. The bakery, situated just outside Gothenburg, produces over 80,000 cakes daily with a team of more than 100 employees. Despite its size, the administrative organization is relatively small. Mikael Niklasson, serving as the business controller, oversees IT and data responsibilities at Almondy.

Almondy, a bakery with "IT everywhere"

– We bake 22 million cakes per year, seven days a week. To ensure that each pastry maintains the same high quality, we rely on data, says Mikael Niklasson, business controller at Almondy

In addition to quality data, they also collect information on volume, product, labels, production pace, temperature, and customers – among other things. According to Mikael, Almondy is a bakery with "IT everywhere."

Almondy cake

"We bake 22 million cakes per year, seven days a week. To ensure that each pastry maintains the same high quality, we rely on data," says Mikael Niklasson, business controller at Almondy.

A data-driven organization

To collect and analyze all this data, Almondy has turned to twoday.

–  twoday is our experts when it comes to analyzing, interpreting data, and integrating data with our partners. They understand our data pool entirely and are experts in all aspects, which is reassuring since we lack that expertise in-house, says Mikael.

Due to Almondy's small size, data is particularly crucial, and they aim to be as data-driven as possible, facilitating informed decision-making.

- For us, data primarily serves as robust decision support. Every department in the organization should have a grasp on their data and conduct their analyses. It's also crucial to avoid data silos; each department should have full access to the data and work with it efficiently, explains Mikael.

Data flows on a screen.

Focus on user-friendliness

This is achieved through tailored data management tools. With twoday's support, Almondy has developed user-friendly solutions, enabling every employee to effectively utilize the data.

- User-friendliness is a top priority for us, and it's something we, along with twoday, have placed great emphasis on. We're currently overhauling the entire database and integrating Qlik Sense applications. The objective is for each department to feel empowered to conduct thorough analyses and access all necessary data independently, concludes Mikael.

– twoday is easy to work with. We have a long-standing partnership spanning over fifteen years, and they truly understand our needs. We eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration.

TimeXtender as a central data warehouse

Almondy is also in the process of transitioning to using TimeXtender as a central data warehouse, in combination with visualization in Qlik. The shift from physical servers to Qlik Sense SaaS will be a significant milestone in Almondy's reporting structure.

About Almondy


Almondy is a Swedish bakery that bakes and sells frozen and chilled cakes and brownies. When the bakery started in 1982, it was called Mandelbageriet and was located on Aschebergsgatan in central Gothenburg. Today, you can find us in much larger premises in Torslanda, a few miles outside the city. Here, over 100 employees work daily to spread joy worldwide.


Every day, we bake about 80,000 cakes, sold in over 50 countries. High quality, great content, delicious flavors, and unsurpassed simplicity are the core of everything we do. Although our goodies may not change the world, we are convinced that they contribute to creating memorable, happy moments every day. That makes us proud. Because isn't it true? Everything is better with cake...

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