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One efficient web portal


One efficient web portal for bids, order management, and customer service – and it's easy to use too. Bandagist-Centret has acquired a portal that meets all needs in an extremely specialized industry, and the solution is so successful that foreign orthopedic suppliers want to purchase it.

Én effektiv webportal til tilbudsgivning, ordrehåndtering og kundeservice

Web portal optimizes processes and minimizes the risk of errors

Production and sale of custom-made prostheses, orthoses, and orthopedic shoes is a complex process due to the continuous customer contact requirements and various subsidy regulations, which provide numerous opportunities for errors.

In collaboration with twoday, Bandagist-Centret has developed a web portal that consolidates and simplifies the various processes, minimizing the risk of errors.


Supports all customer-related functions.

If you ask an orthopedic specialist what a custom-made prosthesis, orthosis, or a pair of orthopedic shoes cost, it can be challenging to get a clear answer. The various components of the finished product trigger different subsidies depending on where the customer lives in the country. This poses a significant challenge for the industry, as it requires a lot of resources to prepare offers, apply for subsidies, invoice, and more.

Bandagist-Centret, one of Denmark's largest orthopedic centers, therefore, developed a specification of requirements together with a supplier of standard Navision solutions. However, an ERP system could not meet their needs, prompting Bandagist-Centret to reach out to twoday.

twoday has developed a web-based portal with integrations, including Navision. The portal supports all customer-facing functions in the business and is user-friendly. While the service provided by the orthopedic specialists at Bandagist-Centret remains personal and individual, the portal streamlines processes for billing, ordering, subsidy applications, and more.

Both consultants and programmers

The project was initiated with a joint workshop aimed at defining a Minimal Viable Product. According to Henrik Tingleff, co-owner of Bandagist-Centret, it proved to be a highly effective way of working.

"We were essentially locked in a meeting room filled with post-its for several days. The twoday team always kept an eye on the flow we desired, and it was particularly rewarding that they challenged our requirements. twoday has been really good at guiding us along the way. They have been both consultants and programmers for us," says Henrik Tingleff.

Attracting attention abroad

Bandagist-Centret's new web portal has created tangible results in the organization. The solution frees up resources for the core services of the business, and workflows have been eased for the staff, who find the system easy to use.

And it's not just within the walls that the solution has become popular. Foreign orthopedic technicians have realized that there is a way to navigate around the tedious processes.

The service level we achieve with the portal is something our competitors cannot deliver. It is clear that this gives us some enormous advantages. It also means that there is already demand from abroad for the system, and we are very proud of that. Our goal has been to build the best system for orthopedic technicians in the Nordic region, and it seems to have succeeded," says Henrik Tingleff.

"We also looked at another company but chose twoday because their working method in the first part of the project was different from the others."

Henrik Tingleff, co-owner of Bandagist-Centret


Bandagist-Centret has obtained a system that can support all customer-related functions in the company. The solution is intuitive for employees to use, and the significantly simplified workflows free up resources to focus on core services.

The web portal, in collaboration with Bandagist-Centret's Navision solution, ensures that both customers and employees experience an easier everyday life with improved customer service and far fewer errors.