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Beely as a pioneer in the Automotive Industry Transformation


Beely is a Finnish company specializing in monthly subscription-based car services, aiming to be a pioneer in its field.


The road to getting behind the wheel has long been through car ownership, but nowadays, access to your own car can be possible without the burdens of ownership. In this transformation of the automotive industry, one pioneer has been Beely, which has been offering its customers a monthly subscription-based car service.

Beely, a Finnish company, has been the market leader and trendsetter since 2019, wanting to continue being a pioneer in its industry. Beely's growth has been rapid, and in less than half a decade, the startup has evolved into a growth company.

"Subscription is the way to acquire a car today, meaning people are not as eager to buy cars but prefer to use a subscription-based service for driving," says Pertti Pigg.

Pigg is the CEO of Beely and the company's first employee. Beely's service was launched in July 2019, but Pigg started working in the company in 2018.

"Globally, the share of subscription-based car services in the market could be 30 percent by 2030-2040. We don't have a direct competitor in Finland," estimates Pigg.

Looking for a modern and efficient partner

The heart of Beely's business is iBeely, which includes the website, online store, and the ecosystem built around the business. In addition to the brand, iBeely is the company's most important competitive and differentiating factor. As the company aims to offer the most advanced digital ecosystem in the industry, it needs modern tools and systems to support its business.

With these considerations in mind, Beely set out to find suitable technology to support sales and business growth.

"We were looking for a modern, forward-thinking, efficient, and scalable service that is in tune with the times. Internationality and localization were also important criteria. On the other hand, cost-effectiveness was, of course, crucial," says Pigg.

In terms of technology choices, Beely made the decision not to customize everything but to bring ready-made components around the core, supporting the specific features of Beely's business. Salesforce was chosen as the technology.

As a partner, Beely chose Biit. Previous references and an understanding of the business were crucial factors in the decision-making process.

"The role of Biit has been most evident in the project by having a person from Biit who understands our business well," Pigg mentions.

He who controls data, controls business

In the company, Salesforce is used quite comprehensively. It stores, for example, all data related to customer relationships. Additionally, all billing materials come from the Salesforce side.

"Salesforce is a significant nerve center for us," summarizes Pigg.

The main benefit of Salesforce at Beely is seen in its versatility and the fact that data remains in one place without fragmentation. As mentioned, the importance of data is paramount for the company. In addition to customer-related data, pricing data is also critical for business. Beely constantly adjusts its pricing using a pricing engine to meet customer needs.

"He who controls customer-related data controls business," describes Pigg.

Customer experience and meeting customer needs are at the core of Beely's operations. The company closely monitors how customers recommend the service and how easy customers find using the service.

"We go through these figures and the feedback we receive in a team meeting every week," Pigg says.

Rapid growth

After the start of collaboration between Beely and Biit, the company's growth rate has accelerated even further.

For example, the number of customers has increased significantly. Beely also has a partner ecosystem. There are over 80 physical stores and over 25 car dealership chains as resellers. The network now includes a total of about a thousand individuals.

The expansion of operations, the growth of networks, and the development of the concept through new features, services, and integrations have been clear changes during the collaboration. Results were achieved immediately at the beginning, and the project went smoothly.

Beely buys many external services, and its own core organization is relatively small. The collaboration with Biit has proven to be effective and good.

Ongoing development for the future

Beely wants to progress towards the future. Therefore, even iBeely has already moved on to the next development phase. The aim is to continue the joint development as high-quality as before.

"In our collaboration with partners, the expectations regarding the quality of collaboration must be met all the time. The collaboration was initially so high-quality and good that the bar is set high for the future," says Pigg.

Pigg has been particularly pleased that project management, costs, and schedules have remained under control.

The most significant benefits of the collaboration have been the implementation of integrations between different systems and components. Since the results have been so good so far, significant development projects for iBeely are already planned for the coming year. The company's Salesforce work is also continuously evolving.