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Faster forecasting processes and improved collaboration

About the customer

Almondy is a Swedish bakery that bakes and sells cakes in both retail and foodservice. It started with a small bakery in Gothenburg and has now grown into one of the largest cake manufacturers in Sweden.

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twodays mission

Before implementing Bizview at Almondy, they worked with a custom-developed database that was manually filled with outcomes from the business system and mapping tables between systems. The transparency between systems was deficient and challenging to oversee.

With Bizview fully integrated into their Qlik environment, it forms the basis of an already validated data source, updated with a click, and serves as the foundation for Bizview's structured budget and forecast process with its Excel-like forms.

Faster forecasting processes and improved collaboration

Why did you choose twoday as a supplier?

– We already had a good collaboration regarding QlikView, so when we wanted to start with Bizview, it felt natural to continue that partnership. Our specifications for a BI supplier were that they should be knowledgeable, efficient, and easily accessible, which we found in twoday.


What tools do you use and for what functions?

– We started with QlikView, which is used by virtually all parts of the company. We have applications for finance, production, quality, and inventory

Then we wanted to start with Bizview for forecasting and budgeting, and the project implementation went very smoothly and efficiently. We use Bizview for sales forecasts, and soon we will also set a sales budget for the first time. The integration between QlikView and Bizview was also very smooth, and the systems work seamlessly together.

What difference have you noticed in your company after collaborating with twoday?

– The forecasting process is faster and more user-friendly for everyone involved. We also have a better opportunity to secure the data at each step, and it is clear to see who has done what, which improves and streamlines collaboration.

Mikael Niklasson, Business controller, Almondy