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BDX achieves new goals with INSIKT

About the customer

Ensuring that an organization as large and diverse as BDX works in the same direction is a challenge. BDX has made significant progress in its goal-setting work and has many tips on how to reach new levels.

To menn står utendørs og smiler i hver sin retning

Improved structure

Before INSIKT Goal Management, BDX didn't have a unified goal management process. This made it difficult to continuously monitor the goals and created uncertainty in tracking results and ensuring that everyone was focused on the same objectives.

- For me, working across the group, it was challenging to form an understanding of the company's status and what was happening in the operations regarding goal setting. I had to assume and search for information about how the work was progressing, which was very time-consuming.

The lack of a unified goal-setting process and the challenge in compiling the work made it difficult to align and focus the operations toward common goals.

- It was tough. We also didn't have a clear thread; it was quite scattered. Even though everyone tried to work toward the same goals, it was challenging to ensure that we were operating as efficiently as possible.

Karoline further explains how different department had various methods for the task. Different tools were mixed which further complicated the follow-up.

- It was very scattered and challenging to get a proper overview. In some cases, it was so dependent on specific individuals that one had to call someone to inquire about progress to form an understanding.

This resulted in the follow-up not always being performed at the desired level. Instead, the follow-up often ended with goals reported in annual and sustainability reports, with the more 'soft values' being reviewed once a year.

A common thread

BDX is a role model when it comes to goal management, excelling at establishing a clear thread through its goals. There's a coherent understanding of how various goals, metrics, and activities impact one another to ensure maximum effectiveness. There's also a solid focus on engaging the entire organization and fostering commitment across all levels. In addition to a clearly defined vision and business idea, there's a well-thought-out business plan in place. This plan comprises a situational analysis, a marketing strategy, a budget, and overarching goals, all interconnected.

The marketing plan is thus the common thread from the strategic plan and the overarching goals. These overarching goals are broken down into operational objectives, and then activities are linked, all tracked through metrics. Previously, the budget had its own existence. Sure, it was connected, but it wasn't discussed in that manner, specifically that the budget is part of our business plan.

Being able to gather everything in one place, within a tool the organization was already comfortable with, became a significant boost for BDX. A common thread throughout the entire goal management process that is also easy for the organization to embrace and aligns the work for maximum effect.

The gold medals on the wall

The additional effect of INSIKT Goal Management for BDX is that there is more discussion about goals in most forums.

- Previously, we focused on Financial Dialogues. Today, we have taken the next step and are working with Goal Dialogues where the focus is not solely on finance. Working with goals creates greater engagement among all employees, but it is also important to continuously work on it. Goal-setting should not become a paper product, something nice on the shelf that is taken out when the management requests it. We note that goal dialogues in each division and business area have the desired effect even at the group level. It creates an interest in knowing goal achievement and working proactively.

Karoline also mentions the importance of making the work enjoyable. They have selected three goals that they believe should have extra focus this year.

- When we highlighted these three goals, our CEO gave us three chocolate gold medals to write the goals on and hang them in a place where they are visible, serving as reminders. I found that to be innovative!

How to get started?

BDX has done a thorough job with its goal management and has come a long way. When it comes to getting started with goal management, Karoline has a very clear answer.

- Just put it in INSIKT! Start and evaluate, then make changes continuously. We've already taken a huge step just by talking more about the goals, and I think we'll get better the more we work on it!