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Grundfos proactively detects and mitigates IT issues with twoday Insight Analytics


Grundfos, the world’s largest producer of water pumps, uses twoday Insight Analytics to optimize user experience, increase employee satisfaction and reduce the need for expensive investigations into infrastructure disruptions.


Big data can help enterprises understand their own business better. But simply storing huge amounts of data is no guarantee that the organization is able to convert the data into actual value for the business and for the employees.

Microsoft Gold Partner twoday has specialized in translating and visualizing vast quantities of data to a high-value IT-overview. Having an overview makes it possible for IT teams to ensure the business runs on healthy, fast and fully updated computers, and facilitates better IT security, efficiency and employee satisfaction, especially in larger enterprises.

twoday’s customer portfolio includes large, international corporations, including Danish Grundfos who, with a 50% share of the global production of circulation pumps is the world’s largest producer of water pumps. Counting 19,000 employees worldwide, Grundfos has an extensive number of devices to manage.

Better performance and stability

To facilitate continuous optimization and improve user experience, Grundfos has implemented twoday Insight Analytics to excerpt data from the company infrastructure, enabling the company to identify PCs that have crashed because of for example Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), and to contact the users of those PCs and solve the issue before it becomes critical, resulting in significant employee satisfaction.

Based on twoday Insight Analytics and a number of reports, Grundfos has been able to track and mitigate infrastructure issues, and today has a more stable and better performing IT platform:

“With the monitoring system we have succeeded in increasing user satisfaction and in lowering the need for expensive investigations into infrastructure disruptions. I have great expectations for the system, and thanks to the excellent collaboration we have with the vendor, I am sure we will make great progress,” says User Experience Center Manager at Grundfos, Henrik René Jensen, who runs Insight Analytics.

When the system was installed at Grundfos in 2018, consultant Michael Hejlskov Jacobsen was in charge of the installation process, and of organizing and lining up action processes:

“Working with twodayto get the system up and running, and subsequently create value, has been a practicable process. twoday have been a flexible and conscientious partner, and easy to work with. The system is now in use in a number of departments across the organization, who see that their requirements for monitoring and visualization are met,” says Michael Hejlskov Jacobsen.

With insight, IT issues can be prevented

At twoday, Peter Odgaard is very pleased with the collaboration with Grundfos:

“The issues and improvements we have worked on at Grundfos are examples of typical challenges in all organizations, regardless of size: Large amounts of data are stored in systems which are very difficult to access, and almost impossible to correlate – and because it is inaccessible, none of all that data is used to anticipate and prevent issues in IT performance,” explains Peter Odgaard.

Using twoday Insight Analytics, it is now possible to proactively identify computers that crash frequently – typically because of configuration errors – and thereby prioritize initiatives to reduce occurrences of a specific issue.

“Based on the type of incident called BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) alone – i.e. when the screen turns blue, and the computer shuts down without warning – the average organization, regardless of size, spends 55 workdays a year per 1,000 computers fixing machines that have crashed. By getting an overview of how many and which devices are affected, it is often possible to identify patterns enabling IT teams to solve and prevent similar issues occurring across the organization,” explains Peter Odgaard.

In 2019, Grundfos plans to further expand the use of twoday Insight Analytics. In the spring of 2019, twoday will launch a new version of twoday Insight Analytics, introducing improvements to the user interface which will make it even easier to see and act on infrastructure status, pull reports and document the state of the organization’s IT health, and appreciate the cost associated to the different types of issues.

Peter Odgaard

About Grundfos

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. The company contributes to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet. As such its core activity aligns closely with the sustainability aspects of how we use water and manage water quality. Grundfos has over 19,000 employees working out of 80 companies in 56 different countries around the world. The corporate HQ is in Denmark.