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Jets chose twoday as the Business Intelligence provider

Case: Jets AS

When Stig Kleive started as CIO at Jets, the internal BI project was already in the testing phase. The decision on which solution to go for had been made, but it was uncertain who would implement it. The choice fell on twoday.

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This is Jets™:

Jets develops, manufactures, and sells vacuum toilets, vacuum systems, and treatment plants. It all started in the Norwegian maritime environment, which further established strong relationships with maritime companies worldwide. Today, Jets is a global company selling products in multiple countries and market segments, with an export share of 80%. Jets saves its customers 20 million liters of water daily.


– Quality, stability, and availability of BI consultants have been important for us after the implementation process. We do not have the expertise to perform all elements of a BI solution ourselves

Stig Kleive, CIO at Jets AS


BI transforms large volumes of data into applied knowledge for Jets

After the process of mapping, pre-project, and implementation, Jets now has a range of reports that provide insight into the business, contributing to operational improvements. Among the reports that twoday has assisted with are sales orders, quality costs, accounting reports that collect data from multiple ERP systems. This allows Jets to measure various KPIs across the group and manage access to these reports.

A report that has been crucial for Jets to realize is measuring their own environmental performance to take environmental responsibility seriously.

Jets develops environmentally efficient technology for vacuum and waste management to address the challenges of its customers worldwide. To reduce environmental impact, they have set goals for CO2 use related to personnel air travel, as well as goals for waste and the amount of CO2 sent by air in relation to revenues

Kleive admits that measuring environmental performance can be challenging because the report must gather data from various systems and sources. He emphasizes that working hard to understand the facts and take necessary actions is crucial, and this is a good example of how twoday has helped make large amounts of data visible and understandable.

"Expertise and high competence have been crucial in integrating our systems so that we can achieve the best possible results in the ETL process and make data available in a user-friendly interface. This report has made it easier for us to understand the facts and take necessary actions" says Kleive.

What is an ETL process:

ETL stands for 'extract, transform, load.' ETL enables businesses to collect data from multiple sources and consolidate them into a single, centralized location. ETL also allows different types of data to work together. A typical ETL process gathers and enhances various types of data, then delivers the data to a data warehouse, such as Azure, for example.

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BI provides insights that create engagement

Power BI has provided employees with easy access to reports and dashboards displaying the organization's performance and progress. According to Kleive, internal involvement has given employees an understanding of the company's goals and strategies, and BI also contributes to engagement in the efforts to achieve common objectives.

Jets has several reports to be developed and existing reports to be further enhanced. They want more focus on quality costs across data sources to create even more awareness in the organization. In addition, Jets is in the process of implementing a transition to a common ERP system for the group, which will lead to significant changes. The extent of this task can only be answered by a preliminary project, according to Kleive, and, according to him, it is an advantage that Jets has already established KPIs.

When asked about the experience with twoday as a Power BI supplier, Kleive concludes:

– We are satisfied with the solution twoday has delivered, and we get the attention and speed we need by having consultants available when needed. In twoday, we have our own Key Account Manager who is very helpful in our joint planning.