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Public sector

Aging populations and urbanization. Climate change and extreme weather. Skill gaps and gender gaps. Cybersecurity and border security. Globalization and deglobalization. Access to raw materials and renewable energy. Biodiversity and cultural diversity.  

Today’s public leaders and officials face many challenges. The right technologies are essential in solving them.


Long experience from digitizing society

At twoday, we have over 30 years of experience from modernizing society. The Nordic countries have some of the most digitized public institutions in the world, and we are proud to have played our part.  

Public services face many requirements and expectations. They need to be efficient, transparent, and accessible to all citizens. In short, they must do more with less. Digitalization is about using technology to renew, simplify, and improve. 

With our established framework for delivering solutions and services to the public sector, you are in safe hands. Our task is to help the public sector find effective and innovative solutions that improve the daily lives of citizens and organizations.

Over 1,000 of our skilled employees work every day to deliver critical solutions to the public sector. Twoday is where tomorrow is built.


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