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Data analytics enhances Kamux's business efficiency


twoday developed, together with Kamux, an analytics solution for determining the value of used cars. The algorithm determines the car's value based on available features and realized transactions.


In the used car business, the most crucial decision is setting the price. High-quality and fast pricing significantly affect customer experience and business profitability

"The solution helps buyers process large volumes of cars quickly, serves as a verification mechanism, and identifies potential exceptional situations," says Mikki Inkeroinen, Kamux's Digital Director.

The solution's included confidence rating warns about car brands with relatively little sales data.

"There are good grounds for valuing the best-selling car models. However, for very new brands and rarities, one must wait until more data accumulates. The models used by the solution are implemented with TensorFlow, which is at the forefront of machine learning libraries," says twoday's Account Manager Hans Hartikainen.

Kamux's plan is to continue its expansion, especially in Sweden and Germany. A precise understanding of the price differences of cars between countries also enables inventory planning to match demand.