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Optimar Commander - a game changer for the seafood industry

Customer story

twoday helped Optimar develop a digital operating platform for the seafood industry. The solution helps customers optimize their operations, and is now being used all over the world.

The Challenge

Optimar is one of the world's leading suppliers of automated fish handling equipment, with over 400 employees in Norway, Spain, USA, and Romania. The company is owned by the German Haniel Group and has its headquarters in Valderøy, just outside Ålesund, in the heart of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre. In addition to the production and further development of equipment and machinery, Optimar is now heavily investing in technological solutions for seafood producers, a rapidly growing global market. 

Optimar wanted to help customers optimize their operations, and therefore started a collaboration with twoday to develop the digital operating platform Optimar Commander.


The Solution

With the help of Optimar Commander, users can collect, monitor, and analyze data from sensors connected to production equipment in factories and on board vessels. The information is visualized in the form of a personally customized dashboard. This can be displayed on display screens, PCs, and in a mobile app, and real-time monitoring and alerts can be set up as needed.

Optimar Commander is built entirely in Microsoft Azure. In Azure, multiple services are used to analyze and process data before they are stored in a suitable database, allowing them to be delivered to the end-user as quickly as possible. When customers access Commander, they have a complete overview of their boats/factories and the equipment available, and can easily see an overall view per factory or go down to the component level for a more detailed picture of both real-time data and historical values. Central to the solution is Azure IoT Hub, which manages and receives data sent from the factories before the data is routed to different destinations - either in the form of sensor data in a database or, for example, alerts to users.

The web application used by users is built in React, which communicates with a .NET Core Web API. This API further communicates with cloud services in Azure to retrieve and process data before the end-user receives the presented information. Azure is constantly evolving, and new services are made available on a regular basis, as well as updates to existing products and services. It is therefore essential to carefully assess the specific needs to use the services that address those needs and to ensure that the solution can scale for future requirements. twoday currently delivers a wide range of services in Azure and has extensive experience in architecture and solution selection.

The Value

Optimar Commander is now being used by producers all over the world.

The solution makes KPI information easily accessible for users, simplifies dynamic reporting, and documents the quality of production processes. The platform can also be used for planning predictive maintenance, alerting deviations related to production equipment, and monitoring parameters such as oxygen levels, fish count, and temperature in fish pens.

All data collection in the factories is done by Optimar, and in itself is not immediately useful to the customer. Our task has been to create a tailor-made web application that presents this data in a way that creates value for the customer while also serving as a communication tool between the customer and Optimar.


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