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Presto secures the future with a data-driven decision-making process

About the customer

Presto helps businesses and organizations in Sweden, Norway, and Finland to ensure that they have a safe environment protected against fire, minimizing harm or injury from fire accidents. Present across the Nordic region, Presto currently employs around 700 individuals, generating approximately 1 billion SEK in revenue. They assist approximately 20,000 customers annually in ensuring effective fire protection and providing guidance on working safely in their daily operations.


Challenges & needs

With substantial growth in a short span, Presto had outgrown its current solution and needed a more efficient way to manage its operations. More and more time was spent on manual updates of models and tracking templates, becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the actual changes in reality.

There was also a significant uncertainty in the final information. Excel files were sent back and forth within the organization, leading to uncertainty about which information was the most current and whether the files circulated were identical for each user. Ultimately, this led to a poorly budgeting process.

"Before implementing INSIKT, we worked with an old BI tool that could only, for the most part, read financial data and compile it. Our end users could only see numbers and couldn't drill down and understand where the numbers came from. We also had an Excel process on the side that required quite a bit of our time to compile all the data."

Tatiana Pryadko, Business controller, Presto

Powerful and efficient planning work

The solution developed by twoday for Presto revolves around centralizing all information in one place and establishing a standardized planning flow to ensure high quality. Today, Presto uses INSIKT daily, which acts as the hub for the entire budgeting and analysis work. The analysis module is utilized for daily and monthly result tracking, while the planning module supports both budgeting and forecasting throughout the year. Another significant advantage is that everyone in the organization now has access to the same data consistently.

With INSIKT, Presto obtained a solution for both planning and follow-up. They now have a single version of the truth and can focus on analyzing what the numbers mean rather than questioning their accuracy. They have also acquired a platform to further develop their data-driven approach and involve the entire organization in future usage.