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Wästbygg is building the future with the help of INSIKT

About the customer

Wästbygg Group AB is one of Sweden's largest construction and project development companies. Today they operate in six different locations in Sweden, with approximately 300 employees and an annual turnover of over three billion.

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With over 100 ongoing projects, having a digital tool supporting the entire process is incredibly important. Previously, Wästbygg used numerous Excel documents with macros, pivot tables, and linked formulas between worksheets, resulting in high complexity. With a growing organization and larger, more complex projects, the risks increased. Alongside file sharing within the organization, challenging version control between different companies and financial units, the situation eventually became unsustainable.

"First and foremost, we wanted to find a system that could be adapted to our processes and our way of seeing things. It couldn't be the other way around. The second important factor was to find something that was user-friendly."

Jonas Jönehall, VD, Wästbygg

A tool that supports the entire process

After evaluating several different tools, Wästbygg found the solution in twoday and the decision support tool INSIKT. The solution provided Wästbygg with a system that had a low entry threshold while being highly adaptable. INSIKT was tailored to support the company's current project processes and could also consolidate data from numerous other important systems such as payroll systems, business systems, and estimating programs. 

Today, INSIKT is used daily for planning and monitoring projects and the company's finances and forms the basis for the successive profit calculation. The system has also helped reduce the time Wästbygg spends on data compilation, allowing employees to focus on other tasks. Moreover, the accessibility has provided an awareness of the current situation, leading to new thoughts and ideas that contribute to the further development of the business.

"One shouldn't have to jump between multiple programs. With the INSIKT suite, we manage to consolidate everything in one place. We've had a very good ongoing dialogue with twoday's implementation team."

Andreas Berntsson, Finance manager, Wästbygg


  • More efficient decision flow
  • Released time and reduced manual work
  • Reduced complexity in project management
  • Increased availability of important information
  • Minimization of risks associated with complex workflows
  • Increased profitability in project execution