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Process mining provides UDI with a better overview

About the customer

The Norwegian UDI aims to streamline its processes and develop better services for users. They chose the Process Mining solution from Mehrwerk to visualize their processes for a more in-depth analysis of how their processes actually work. The solution plays a crucial role in the development of the business.

By selecting Mehrwerk ProcessMining, based on Qlik, UDI was able to integrate process visualization into its existing BI platform

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Requirements Specification & Needs Analysis

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) processes applications for protection (asylum), visitor visas, family immigration, residence permits for work and studies, citizenship, permanent residence permits, and travel documents. They also make decisions regarding deportations. Additionally, UDI manages and publishes rules and regulations for foreign residents and visitors in Norway. Moreover, they operate and maintain the central immigration database and produce official immigration statistics

For the past 5 years, UDI has been using Qlik as a Business Intelligence tool to visualize and analyze data. Qlik is used for both operational purposes and reporting. The deployment of Qlik has been gradual, and the Qlik license now covers all employees

After identifying the operational key metrics, the next natural step is to look into the different processes—to optimize, identify bottlenecks, and streamline wherever possible. However, step 1 in this process is to obtain a fact-based view of how the processes actually work. For this purpose, UDI acquired a process visualization tool through twoday based on Qlik Sense, namely Mehrwerk Process Mining.

The goal of process visualization

  • Better control over workflows and processes
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of how their processes actually function
  • Reduced processing time and improved structure of process implementation
  • Cost reduction
  • Contributing to a culture of data literacy and data-driven decisions
  • Contributing to a positive user experience

How to use Mehrwerk Process Mining at UDI

The process visualization tool Mehrwerk Process Mining can be used for all case processing at UDI. However, it is primarily used for two main areas in the solution.

1. From UDI's perspective, process visualization can be used to analyze issues such as: 

  • How do cases flow through the different stages of case handling?
  • What are the most common stages a case goes through in the process
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • What are the causes of delays in different parts of the process?
  • Which events are not correctly registered in their system?

2. From the user's perspective, this means that UDI can analyze issues related to user experience and the service, such as::

  • How long does the user have to wait for a request to be processed?
  • How many times does the user need to contact UDI for guidance?
  • Which part of the process is unclear?


Source systems

The main database is on an Oracle server. Additionally, UDI uses SQL servers, text files (exported from SAP), cloud data, and Excel files. Data from various source systems is loaded into an Oracle data warehouse, which then serves as the data source for Qlik applications containing Process Mining functionalities.

An example

An example of a specific use for UDI is their development of a dashboard to track the asylum application process for asylum seekers at the national arrival center. The application process involves multiple stakeholders besides UDI, such as the police, healthcare authorities, voluntary organizations representing the interests of asylum seekers, the accommodation center, and several others. The project aims to integrate data from various sources, visualize the application process (and process deviations), and monitor compliance and processing time goals.

“Process Mining will play a key role for us in discovering, visualizing, and monitoring the application process.”

Magnar Naustdalslid, Senior Advisor at UDI

Why did UDI choose Mehrwerk Process Mining?

1. Unified BI platform

  • UDI was already using Qlik as a BI tool throughout the organization.
  • By choosing Mehrwerk ProcessMining, based on Qlik, UDI could integrate process visualization into its existing BI platform.

2. Easy implementation

  • Setup and installation are simple and require few additional resources.
  • Licensing and distribution can be managed along with the Qlik solution.
  • It does not require additional data storage beyond the existing Qlik server.
  • Does not entail new needs for additional security, new risk analysis, etc

3. Wonderful functions

  • Process analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Process modeling

4. User-friendliness and functionality

  • A very good application with templates that make it easy and quick to implement process visualization
  • Good roadmap for future improvements
  • Great customer service and quick access to assistance during the testing period and later during implementation and operation