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Marketing for hire from twoday became the solution for GlobalConnect


The fiber provider GlobalConnect experienced a period without a marketing department. To ensure that the marketing work did not come to a complete halt, they contacted twoday to lease the expertise they needed.

With a graphic designer, a content producer/web editor, and a project manager, twoday took over the responsibility for marketing while GlobalConnect waited for the newly hired staff to start.


– When I joined the company, it was very beneficial for me to have twoday there; they served as a bridge between me and those who had left earlier

Kristian Brandsberg, Digital marketing specialist at GlobalConnect.

A reassurance to have a partner like twoday

Kristian Brandsberg, Digital Marketing Specialist at GlobalConnect, describes how important it was for him to have twoday there when he started. GlobalConnect is a large company, and there was a lot to familiarize himself with in a short period. 'It gave me confidence that they knew our brand, and they were a good sparring partner to have,' he says.

For Brandsberg, the team from twoday became an extended marketing department, where those involved provided valuable professional advice and took ownership of the brand. 'When working with an external partner, it should, of course, be of top quality professionally, but they should also be able to provide input and challenge us,' he says.

Kristian Brandsberg, Digital Marketing specialist i GlobalConnect

Faster results than the management expected 

Anyone who has started a new job knows that it takes time to get to know the company and the tasks. The management at GlobalConnect expected it to take more time before the new marketing department was up to speed, but what Kristian got done with twoday before the rest of the marketing team at GlobalConnect was in place was more than they had envisioned when the agreement was made.

"We initiated many processes that Christian Kamhaug and the rest of the team could latch onto when they started," says Kristian Brandsberg.

Kamhaug and Brandsberg are pleased that they chose to hire expertise when they lacked resources themselves. "Marketing for hire is perfect for acute situations, but it's also nice to have a few hours a week on a regular basis because you have a team that knows you well," concludes Kamhaug.