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Søstrene Grene develops IT in a fast-paced manner

Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is one of Denmark's fastest-growing retail chains, and one of the company's key principles is that substantial growth should never be limited by IT systems. Here, you get an insight into the collaboration model that supports the chain's international success, present in more than 16 countries.

To kvinnelige kollegaer sitter sammen og smiler

Everyone knows Søstrene Grene. The unique concept of fun shopping experiences at completely flat prices has also gained a foothold abroad, and the chain continues to expand rapidly. Søstrene Grene has over 240 stores in several countries with one to several weekly deliveries to almost all stores. It requires not only a great IT system but also a very dynamic collaboration method with great operational reliability.

"Importantly, our collaboration is also based on trust. Therefore, we perceive twoday's consultants as part of us, and they are also part of our success." 

Bent Ditlevsen, CIO, Søstrene Grene

– In other parts of Danish business, extensive analysis work is done, producing several hundred pages on what the IT provider should come up with. That way, you get what you asked for. We have chosen to do it a little differently. We meet with both developers and consultants at our place. With a smaller analysis as a starting point, instead of lengthy analyses, we focus on functionality and the dialogue between us, the supplier's consultants, and developers, says CIO Bent Ditlevsen of Søstrene Grene, who has chosen twoday as a partner for the chain's many IT projects.

– With our dialogue- and knowledge-sharing-based collaboration with twoday, we test several possibilities along the way. This means that we continuously receive more inputs in the process and learn more along the way. It results in easier implementation and more finished solutions. Our more flexible and close working method also means that we discover any errors faster, says Bent Ditlevsen.

Søstrene Grene about the collaboration with twoday

– It is also important that our collaboration is based on trust. Therefore, we see twoday's consultants as part of our department, and they are also part of our success. All their people are brought up to focus on customers. They have no office hours but can handle our tasks when needed. That kind of flexibility is quite important when operating in many countries with diverse cultures and with intensive logistics, says Bent Ditlevsen.

"Our strategy is to stay up-to-date with the latest programs/systems and be at the forefront of solutions because we must never be in a situation where our IT capacity hinders our business development – in that regard, twoday is truly unique as a collaborative partner"

Bent Ditlevsen, CIO, Søstrene Grene

– Part of our collaboration also includes having their people sit with us several days a week alongside our IT/project department and our end-users. This arrangement has provided us with great benefits because there is a short distance from idea and development to implementation. And we have a lot of that. In 2020 alone, we created new systems for inventory, office, and finance, as well as additional development for the in-store solution. We also developed and launched an entirely new e-Commerce platform, which we have already rolled out in 6 countries within a year, explains Bent Ditlevsen.

Every customer experience should be extraordinary

For us, it is important that every customer experience is extraordinary and that we meet all our customers where they are. We have succeeded in adapting our business development to meet the extraordinary customer experience we aim to provide. With our new e-commerce platform, we offer customers a more complete experience in our stores and online universe – and even with this strategic business project, twoday has managed to incorporate functionality and efficient workflows into the rest of our solutions. In this way, our IT solutions benefit and support the entire business, says Bent Ditlevsen.

"With our new e-commerce platform, we offer customers a more complete experience in our stores and online universe – and even with this IT project, twoday has managed to incorporate functionality and efficient workflows into the rest of our solutions."

Bent Ditlevsen, CIO, Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene on their new e-commerce platform

The new webshop and increased complexity have heightened the demands for features in our IT systems. twoday has, among other things, developed an integration between the new e-commerce platform and our Business Central, making the entire handling of a sales order easier. In addition, integrations have been made with all surrounding systems related to replenishment, warehouses, and all peripheral systems regarding e-commerce business. All of this provides an optimized and automated solution where insight and better insight are keywords. twoday's consultants understand our needs and the requirements for our IT, and the good collaboration makes them the right IT supplier for Søstrene Grene, concludes Bent Ditlevsen.