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Can one sell stairs through influencer collaboration?


It may seem unlikely. A staircase is not something you buy on impulse. It is an investment that involves careful consideration. However, it is possible with the right collaboration, done in a proper manner.

Strynetrappa web


Stryntrappa is a Norwegian brand with focus on quality and smart solutions. A staircase should be beautiful, practical, and customizable for your home.

Twice a year, a campaign has been conducted for stairs from Stryntrappa. The campaign has resulted in increased sales in each campaign period, but the growth has remained stable in recent years despite increased budgets.

It is easy to fall into the 'trap' of doing the same thing because it has always worked. The challenge is that you may reach a point where it no longer works, and you don't quite understand why.

That's why it's healthy to take a step back and start a bit anew, but with the experience and competence from before. Therefore, we started by building a media plan based on principles related to media planning, and we let creativity flow. With a new media plan featuring a set of channels with defined tasks and optimized budgets, we aimed to achieve the goal of increasing the sales of Stryntrappa by a whopping 37% for the fall campaign period.

A good channel mix

Throughout the campaign, one could see ads on both Facebook, Instagram, and various relevant websites, strategically placed with data backing. In all channels, there was a good interplay of video, images, and a clear message. We also wanted to try new platforms for Stryntrappa to increase visibility among a larger potential audience while still being contextually relevant.

The choice fell on a collaboration with Kristin Gjelsvik in connection with her home in Drammen because in that house there was already a Stryntrappa! Stryntrappa became the sponsor of their next Home Tour video, which can be found on their YouTube channel and on all their Instagram profiles.


"The case of Stryntrappa is a classic example of how one can effectively place a brand in a contextual manner. Here, Kristin Gjelsvik's followers, a target audience highly interested in houses and interiors, receive a genuine recommendation, while Stryntrappa gets exposure to a very relevant audience. The collaboration has been very exciting and beneficial for all parties involved, and we look forward to similar projects in the future."

- Charlotte Karlsnes, Digital Advisor at twoday


"This was fun, inspiring, and educational," says Beate Foss Hagen, Marketing Manager at Hagen. "Also it was worth every penny. In the first two days after Kristin posted the video, website traffic increased by over 200%. It was clear that her followers found an interest in Stryntrappa."


  • All expectations and sales budgets shattered with a 180% increase in sales.
  • Halfway through the campaign, we achieved the goal of a 37% increase.
  • The concept 'room for more' also increased by 200% during the campaign period.
  • Increased visibility and market share