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The Norwegian Tax Administration

New website for the Norwegian Tax Administration

Customer story

The Norwegian Tax Administration's website is among the most visited websites in Norway. twoday created a new website to make it easier for individuals and businesses to access information and services. 

The Challenge

The Tax Administration wanted new and modern websites with a clear focus on universal design and responsive design. As part of the modernization, the Tax Administration wanted to review all content.

In terms of volume, the Tax Administration has well over 100,000 elements in the form of pages and files offered through the portal. A complete re-establishment of the new portal was needed, and twoday was the total provider, which involves development, operation, maintenance, management, and licenses. Thus, twoday took responsibility for all aspects. The Tax Administration provided a large project team that we worked with closely and continue to do so.

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The Solution

Quality and structure are essential for the Tax Administration. Therefore, each page was manually quality assured and placed in the correct position in the new hierarchy. The website also had to be available on PC, mobile, and tablet.

Good infrastructure with a modern architecture has been the solution for the Tax Administration. The new website was launched in 2018 and takes advantage of all the strengths of the content platform EPiServer CMS. twoday develops and operates the new information portal created in EPiServer and operated in the MS Azure cloud platform. has several integrations with other systems.

In parallel, a separate calculator project written in .NET Core and Vue.JS is developed and operated, which is about calculating and paying the one-time vehicle tax. This project has integrations with both the internal system, external system at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian Customs, as well as the payment solution NETS. For the end-user, the calculators are presented as an integrated part of the new website. Parallel with the development of the portal, the customer has developed a new API that the solution uses.

A re-establishment of one of Norway's most visited websites - Cloud services was the key to success.

The Value

During the tax return days, the Tax Administration experiences a period of high visitor numbers. During this period, they receive several million requests daily to the pages. The new solution provides greater flexibility and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic at certain times while maintaining security requirements and a low cost level.

It automatically scales so that there is always enough capacity on the web fronts to respond to requests with low response times, even with high traffic. Traffic is routed, monitored, and analyzed using solutions that block and limit suspicious network traffic.

This is ensured through a platform of cloud services that utilizes Microsoft's Public Cloud, Azure. Cloud services have thus been the key to handling periods of high demand.

The new portal offers users a completely new graphical and structural profile on the pages. The portal meets all requirements for public websites for universal design and is responsive.

The editorial team at is pleased with the new portal and the new opportunities it offers. It allows editors to more easily publish, edit, and categorize content and present it in different channels. twoday has created various tools for editors, so they can easily reuse content across articles, create interactive guides, calculators, and version them for each tax year.

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