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Mobile website enables more efficient fishing control

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries

Data scattered across various systems and the necessity of having a PC while visiting ports, fishing vessels, and auctions have made it challenging for the Fisheries Inspection to conduct inspections in the commercial fishing sector.

An app, essentially a mobile website, has eased the workload for inspectors, enabling them to access the necessary information anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones.


Everyday obstacles

There are numerous regulations in place when a commercial fisherman gets a catch. The Fisheries Inspectorate is tasked with ensuring that everything is within the confines of the law, but the inspection tasks has become difficult to perform. This is because it involves checking information in different IT systems, but an inspector can hardly carry a PC with internet access to an auction or down on the harbor. Additionally, even though inspectors are always paired when on a task, for occupational health and safety reasons, it is not allowed for the passenger to use a PC while driving.

In the same way, they have struggled to change plans and redirect a planned visit to a specific port to instead go somewhere else and inspect a vessel with a higher risk profile - simply because they didn’t receive the information about the new task in a timely manner.


Data from different systems

twoday has developed a mobile solution that enables inspectors to adjust their routes if information about vessels that are more relevant to inspect surfaces, rather than those originally planned. The mobile solution, more of a mobile website than an actual app, consolidates relevant data from various IT systems - for instance, from the two systems that respectively provide information about which vessels are headed to which ports and the risk profiles of these vessels.

The solution is accessible from all types of smartphones regardless of the operating system, and inspectors don't need to log in via a PC to check if there's any new information—this is available directly through the mobile solution.

Quick development process

The Danish Fisheries Agency has had a close collaboration with twoday for years, focusing on developing solutions aimed at ensuring the agency's digital transformation. These solutions benefit society while saving time and resources. The development process itself has been rapid. Opting for a mobile site rather than an app specifically meant that twoday's developers didn't need to consider specific operating systems, allowing development to be completed in about a month.

We have received a simple solution that we could quickly start using, and twoday can easily continue developing it as we have new needs," says Troels Pade, Head of Office at the Danish Fisheries Agency.

"We are very focused on using our inspection resources as effectively as possible and do not wish to conduct inspections just for the sake of it. Therefore, we want to direct inspectors to the ports and vessels where there is the greatest need for them. Naturally, we cannot have inspectors stationed at every port around the clock, so it is important for us to make the best possible use of the available resources. With the app, we have been given the opportunity to target our work, ensuring that we make the most out of our efforts."

Troels Pade, Head of Office at the Danish Fisheries Agency.


The Danish Fisheries Agency has obtained a mobile solution that allows:

  • Data from existing IT systems are available on mobile platforms.

  • The solution can be accessed from all types of smartphones regardless of the operating system.

  • Inspectors receive ongoing updates about new tasks and priorities.

  • The solution can easily be expanded with additional functionalities as the need arises.