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A digital solution for efficient sales processes


Gastech-Energi has developed a solution that manages sales processes, quotations, and orders. The solution, Salgsfokus, retains a number of familiar functions while streamlining workflows.


Stable and functional sales tool

Gastech-Energi needed a comprehensive upgrade of Salgsfokus, the solution that handles sales processes.

In collaboration with twoday, Gastech-Energi has developed a solution that is more stable and functional. The system has undergone a general quality improvement and now forms the foundation for streamlined workflows.

Optimized processes

Gastech-Energi provides green heating solutions such as heat pumps, high-efficiency gas boilers, and hybrid solutions. Like any other company, they depend on all processes being as optimal as possible. This also applies to the sales department, where processes related to quotation and order management can consume unnecessary resources if not optimized.

Gastech-Energi's existing solution had been in use for several years and no longer met expectations. Its stability was no longer top-notch, and it lacked the functionality and quality that salespeople needed.

twoday has contributed to moving the digital platform, developing a new solution, and subsequently fine-tuning it, allowing the system to create value for Gastech-Energi.

One of the essential tasks was to create a good interaction with Gastech-Energi's Navision platform but also to transfer functionality from Navision to the new solution to enhance processes and avoid limitations in Navision.

Continuous testing and development

The solution has been implemented at Gastech-Energi, where new features are continually being tested, and new ideas are reported for further development.

The approach from the beginning has been a deliberate and thoughtful part of the process.

"Our close collaboration has given us a common starting point, making it much easier to align expectations for further development. Early in the process, we held a sprint focusing on the period after the system's release, so the subsequent course was clarified," says Jon Møller Løndahl Grove, project manager at twoday.


Gastech involved from the beginning

Digital projects can tend to be lengthy and perhaps even overwhelming, so twoday works hard to ensure that the customer is involved and actively contributes to shaping the final product.

In the process with Gastech-Energi, meetings were held continuously, linked to development sprints where the development process was divided into smaller parts. Each of these parts involved kickoff meetings, ensuring that both parties constantly had an overview of the process and could shape the solution along the way.

"We wanted the process to be smooth and that our wishes would be listened to along the way. With the trust built during the initial meetings, we were confident that the quality would be higher than what other suppliers could offer, and the response time would be even faster," says Finn Michael Jensen, group leader at Gastech-Energi.


"It was important for us to work with a supplier who dares to say no and suggest better solutions to any problems."

Finn Michael Jensen, gruppeleder hos Gastech-Energi


Gastech-Energi has received a digital solution that is up-to-date and meets the expectations of users – the company's salespeople – making their everyday tasks easier.

The system integrates seamlessly with Navision and has been developed based on what worked in the old solution, with added functionality and an overall higher quality level.