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First rent a car AB, Hertz International Franchisee

Scandinavian intranet based on Microsoft 365, SharePoint

About the customer

Hertz First Rent A Car AB is a franchisee of Hertz International and is currently a subsidiary of Volvo Car Sweden. Hertz in Sweden consists of approximately 500 employees, divided between Hertz First Rent A Car AB and a network of franchisees and agents. Today, Hertz is the largest car rental company in Sweden with 220 offices in 125 locations.

For Sweden and Norway, the development of a Scandinavian intranet based on SharePoint began earlier with a partner in Norway. However, as the project got stuck and did not progress, twoday was contacted to, as the client puts it, "take us by the hand and lead us to the finish line."

Hertz kontor

Mapping and Requirement Specification

twoday joined the project in August 2022, initiating several workshops to establish a current state analysis and gather preferences. Following this, a requirement specification was developed, aligned with the customer, and then the new intranet was built together with the team from First Rent a Car AB, Hertz International Franchisee.

The previously designed layout was reused and implemented in SharePoint's standard platform, based on the developed requirement specification.

Objectives & Results

Throughout the project, there was a close collaboration with the client. The joint effort also involved educating the organization on the functionality of the new intranet and the possibilities the platform could offer for the continued internal work of First Rent a Car AB, Hertz International Franchisee.

"It felt so good when twoday came in, and we progressed in the project that had been delayed. Suddenly it became tangible and concrete, and the new intranet was ready in less than 6 months."

Cecilia Saberi, Communications Manager at First Rent a Car AB, Hertz International Franchisee in Sweden.

Smart Intranets in SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the world's most widely used solutions for intranets. As part of Microsoft 365, SharePoint offers a powerful and customizable platform with robust functionality. The solution is fully integrated and easily used in conjunction with Teams and Outlook.

SharePoint provides several unique advantages, making the intranet a powerful platform for collaboration, information sharing, and efficiency within the organization.

Complete provider of Microsoft 365

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