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Combining CMS and PIM into a single solution creates value

Innovation Living
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With thousands of product variants in their assortment, furniture company Innovation Living has a wealth of data that plays a significant role in the product experience. We've assisted in integrating CMS and PIM in a way that optimally presents the high-quality furniture for both end-users and retailers.

The challenge

The customers want answers – now

When you're at home on your sofa with a cup of coffee, browsing for new furniture, you expect to go online and see different models in various colors with different details. The same goes when you're in a physical furniture store and you're not interested in the black daybed on display because you're actually looking for a red variant with different legs.

These expectations place demands on both furniture retailers and manufacturers, who must always have immediate answers with pictures, product descriptions, and a lot of other information readily available. Being able to deliver this requires having complete control over data.

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The solution

CMS and PIM in one solution

When Innovation Living was about to switch CMS systems, the management decided it was also time to invest in PIM.

"The goal was to have a PIM system that could gather all data in one place and thus present our product range correctly on the website for the benefit of both end-customers and our retailers. We chose a Dynamicweb platform where we could have it all, and thus create the desired business value," says Jens Ib Søborg, Digital Director at Innovation Living.

In a company like Innovation Living, which offers an extremely wide range of product variants, it is crucial that the e-commerce platform can handle large amounts of diverse data such as product information, descriptions, and images.

Our website needs to do several things. It's a platform where our retailers can access images, product data, and more, while end-customers can find inspiration and even play around with configurations and colors. Since we have more products on our site than retailers have on their own sites, they also use our site to showcase the various options to end-customers," says Jens Ib Søborg.

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"It's a site where our retailers should be able to access images, product data, and more, just as end-customers can find inspiration and experiment with configurations and colors."

Jens Ib Søborg, Digital Director, Innovation Living

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The result

Reaching the desired target audience

Innovation Living now has a website with a modern design and significantly improved product display. The PIM system feeds the website with accurate data, also utilized internally within Innovation Living's customer service. Regarding what customers encounter, the color chart and pre-rendered 3D images allow for visualizing the desired product. According to Jens Ib Søborg, the website is reaching the desired target audience:

"We have good traffic on the website, and we see that many people are using the option to explore different product variants. At the same time, we notice that a lot of our retailers log in and use the system, so it's doing what it's supposed to."

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