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Building a better care relationship with the patient through the digitalisation of services


Istekki is a publicly owned expert organisation that works for the well-being of Finns by taking care of, for example, hospitals’ life-sustaining equipment and ICT environments. twoday has developed the electronic services of Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) with Istekki in a project involving multiple suppliers.


Tampere University Hospital published the first version of the OmaTays service in the summer of 2017. This development work has brought healthcare services to customers' homes through, for example, appointments, the review of care documents and video appointment capabilities.

Meet the customers in their preferred way

Aki Lehto, ICT Architect at Tays, says that electronic services are a necessity from the perspective of customer experience and the development of the quality of operations. He recognized the need already in the early 2010s, and nowadays customers can expect that electronic services are available.

Around two to three thousand new users join the OmaTays service every month. Initially, the rate was around a hundred new users per month. The exceptional year 2020 has also accelerated the rate at which new customers adopt the electronic service. The technical environment of the OmaTays service is located in Istekki Oy's data center.

“OmaTays and the old paper services still work in parallel, and the customer gets to choose the way in which they get their services. However, we have an undeniable advantage in terms of specialised medical care in that, during a long care relationship, in terms of the number of different units, doctors and statements, electronic services make it easier to see the big picture and to keep up with appointments,” says Lehto.


The first version of the service was completed in 2017, and it has since been developed to be more and more user-friendly and comprehensive. During 2020, new requested features, such as the possibility of managing affairs on behalf of an adult, will be introduced.

Users of the service, i.e. patients and healthcare professionals, are satisfied with the ease of use, improved communications, transparency of the treatment process and efficiency of operations that the service makes possible. With digitalisation, the availability and timeliness of information has also clearly improved.

”Through digital solutions, we aim to reduce tasks related to computer processes and related monitoring. System automation enables our personnel to serve the customer, i.e. the patient who needs care from another person,” says Lehto.


In the project, the twoday team was responsible for the OmaTays portal, which was then integrated into the necessary systems with the other suppliers. The OmaTays service makes use of Istek's patient information system integration services.