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Digitising the agreement process and GDPR compliance


NORMAL uses Addo Sign to digitise their agreement processes, increase overview of the sent document and comply with GDPR regulation.


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Better overview, larger profits

NORMAL has more than 250 stores in several countries and is a company which has experienced constant growth from its inception. There was a need to streamline the work processes in the HR department and at the same time ensure GDPR compliance. By choosing Addo Sign, NORMAL has both optimized the signature processes and adhered to GDPR.

"We had a great need for optimisation of our processes, as we send many contracts for signing. Addo Sign was recommended by a company which has already digitised their signing needs," says Eva Danielsen, HR & Legal Coordinator at NORMAL.

"It has become easier for us to keep track of whether the contracts have been returned, as we receive a notification from Addo Sign when a transaction expires without being signed. It gives a good overview."

– Eva Danielsen, HR & Legal Coordinator at NORMAL

Speed and validity across multiple markets

With Addo Sign, NORMAL optimised their processes, which were previously characterised by long workflows, where contracts were sent back and forth by either mail or e-mail. Addo Sign ensures that contracts are returned in a few days. At the same time it is easier to obtain information such as account information and criminal records from their employees. NORMAL makes use of both simple questions for the users and the form function in Addo Sign, in addition to the digital signature.

The fact that the digital signature is valid in several countries was important to NORMAL, when the solution was being selected, as they have many employees outside Denmark.

Additional benefits with Addo Sign

Eva Danielsen continues to talk about the benefits that were obtained by using Addo Sign, and summarizes it in the following:

  • Our processes have become more efficient and are more GDPR compliant
  • We are certain that all our employees will receive the necessary documents when we hire them, as we send it all together with the contract
  • We experience less manual work after we have digitised the process


NORMAL is a store chain that sells completely normal goods at fixed low prices. However, NORMAL is much more than fixed low prices on well-known brands. Their goal is that you as a customer get a unique experience every time you visit one of their stores, and therefore they - in addition to their large regular range - constantly add new, exciting items. NORMAL opened their first store in Denmark in 2013 and now has more than 250 stores in the Nordic countries, France and the Netherlands.