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Even better visitor experiences with Business Central Cloud

Odense ZOO

Every day, thousands of children and adults visit Odense ZOO. Visitors come to see the many animals in the garden, and experiences have always been the epitome of the analog world.

However, in Odense ZOO, there's a desire to provide guests with even better experiences and simultaneously enhance animal welfare by digitizing and automating processes.


– It's about leveraging the skills of our employees in a way that brings the most value. When we were also facing a replacement of our financial system, it was obvious to look into the automation of all the business processes in our daily operations," explains Bjarne Klausen, Director of Odense ZOO.

As part of the digital journey, Odense ZOO has acquired a Microsoft Business Central solution and a new Power App solution. This allows for the development of targeted apps specifically for Business Central, integrating directly into the financial system, solving the specific challenges the zoo faces

Additionally, Odense ZOO has also integrated a Power BI solution, allowing them to extract relevant data from Business Central.

Employees can now create their own dashboards where all pertinent data is processed and presented in a digestible manner. This enables connections between web orders, scanning an annual pass at the entrance, purchasing an ice cream in the Safari Lounge, managing incoming invoices, and much more.

The collaboration with twoday has been very valuable for us. We're dealing with complex processes, and it's important for us to have a partner we can trust, one that makes it easy for us when we don't fully understand what's happening behind the scenes.

Bjarne Klausen, director for Odense ZOO

twoday RelateIT | Business Central løsning til Odense ZOO

For Odense ZOO, the goal is to increase revenue per visitor. It's relevant to consider both the time visitors spend in the zoo and the quality of the available experiences. And that's precisely something that has become easier to act on with the new Power BI solution.

- Of course, we want more visitors, but we also know that there's a limit. If people end up queuing, we sell less – and that generally doesn't provide a good experience. That's why it's really exciting for us to have better digital tools to enhance customer satisfaction," explains Bjarne Klausen, who has personally delved into describing relevant data models.

- We would never have managed the transition on our own. Just replacing the financial system is a massive task, but now we've come far enough that we're starting to work with all the data we extract ourselves. And that gives us a lot of opportunities that previously would have been too much work, continues Bjarne Klausen.

- Overall, we've reduced many manual processes related to our bookkeeping, freeing up a lot of resources that we use to focus on what's important – providing a great guest experience and the best animal welfare at Odense ZOO. I'm convinced that this digitalization project will pay off, even though it's also a significant investment," concludes Bjarne Klausen.

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