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New optimized webshop makes it easier to shop for delicious wines online

Philipson Wine
Philipson Wine har fået en toptunet webshop - Co3

Who is Philipson Wine?

Philipson Wine is the country's leading online wine retailer, today employing a complete omni-channel strategy and boasting a significant direct online sales presence.

It was established in 1987 by Christian Philipson, who, during a stay in Burgundy, became interested in trading wine—without the added costs of intermediaries like agents, wholesalers, and middlemen.

Philipson Wine is now Denmark's largest online wine retailer and a leading importer and distributor of quality wines from around the world. Philipson Wine directly approaches wine producers, making significant and timely purchases. The company has eliminated all cost-increasing intermediaries such as agents, wholesalers, and middlemen. This strategy ensures competitive quality and prices for Philipson Wine's customers, resulting in generally lower prices than those offered by wine merchants and supermarkets.

Philipson Wine sells directly to restaurants, businesses, and individuals nationwide from its headquarters in Kokkedal, north of Copenhagen. Philipson Wine employs 59 staff members.

The need

The desire for a top-notch digital customer journey laid the foundation for growth

With outdated IT tools unable to meet the company's goals for an improved customer experience on the webshop, Philipson Wine realized they needed to embark on a new journey of digitalization.

In this journey, the customer was the focus. In short, the aim was to ensure that the digital tools could work together to support all the touchpoints that customers at Philipson Wine encountered on their customer journeys.

In collaboration, we sat down with Philipson Wine and began 'mapping' and analyzing their customers' behavior. This provided us with the best possible insight to deliver a solution that would enhance the customer experience on

The primary focus was on conversion optimization and customer experience.

Philipson Wine ny webshop indkøbskurv

The challenge

Lack of focus on user-friendliness

Before creating the solution for Philipson Wine, they faced a few challenges:

  • They didn't have a central place to store their product data
  • Customers had to go through many unnecessary steps on the webshop, resulting in a negative impact on the company's conversion rate.
  • They lacked a functional web design that suited the increasing number of mobile users.

There were several areas that could be significantly optimized by 'rethinking' the way they had designed their webshop.

It was here that the good dialogue between the client and the partner resulted in a fantastic solution, quickly improving the conversion rate and usability of the webshop.

Consumer data has enhanced the customer journey

An analysis of customers' various touchpoints on the website has been the foundation for the design of Philipson Wines' webshop.

Everything, from cart checkout to the navigation bar, has been designed based on customer behavior on the site.

Nothing is left to chance – Data is still king.

Phillipson Wine iPhone
Mobilvisning af kurv på ny webshop
Mobilvisning af produkt på ny webshop

The solution

Digitization that boosts customer experience

With the aim of streamlining the user experience on the website, a series of digital tools were integrated into the solution for Philipson Wine:

  • The webshop is built on the CMS system Dynamicweb, ensuring high usability and scalability for new business concepts.
  • Product data for the diverse range of wines is maintained in the PIM system Perfion, ensuring that updated and accurate data is used across sales channels.
  • Intelligent and personalized product recommendations are provided through, offering customers a tailored and individualized experience on the webshop.
  • ActiveCampaign is utilized as an email marketing tool, integrated with the webshop to gather valuable data on customer behavior.

Result: The conversion rate for the webshop has increased by 75%


The technical

The fundament is built in Dybamicweb

An updated e-commerce platform from Dynamicweb provides the framework for offering better user-friendliness on the webshop.

The CMS system is the perfect tool for integrating other digital tools such as Perfion,, and ActiveCampaign.

Dynamicweb was the optimal choice regarding Philipson Wines' desire to increase the conversion rate on their webshop. The platform offers a clear way to edit, customize, and maintain content and products on the webshop.

It needs to be user-friendly for customers to shop on the webshop while also being easy for Philipson Wine to edit the content on their new webshop.

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