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Seamless transition and increased efficiency for Sport Holding

Sport Holding

Sport Holding faced challenges related to fragmented reporting across various data warehouses. They needed help improving their reporting structure and chose to collaborate with us at twoday.


The challenge: Fragmented and dispersed reporting

With over 375 full-range and specialty stores, as well as acquisitions of several brands, Sport Holding faced a challenging situation where reporting was fragmented and dispersed across various data warehouses associated with each concept. Sport Holding recognized the need for a unified data platform capable of handling the scattered reporting from different stores and concepts. Their goal was simple: put all their data in one spot so they could easily see how all their stores were doing.

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The solution: TimeXtender and Qlik SaaS

Sport Holding decided to use TimeXtender as their main data hub and then used Qlik to visualize the data stored there. Switching from physical servers to Qlik's software as a service (SaaS) was a big step forward for their reporting system.

Moving their existing reports from Qlik View and Qlik Sense to Qlik's SaaS platform was a significant moment. It helped Sport Holding make their accounting and store reporting processes smoother and more accessible.


The result: Unified and reliable data reporting

The implementation of the TimeXtender data warehouse and Qlik SaaS has enabled Sport Holding to achieve unified and reliable data reporting. The consolidated access to all data sources has not only simplified work for the head office and finance department but has also replaced time-consuming manual processes with seamless access to reliable data available in one place.

Apart from Qlik reporting, Sport Holding has also integrated SSAS, which makes it simple to extract data directly into tools such as Excel. This has resulted in more efficient analysis and data extraction processes.

Seamless transition and increased efficiency

The introduction of the new data warehouse solution has enabled Sport Holding to gather and merge data from all its different concepts. This streamlined method has not only made reporting simpler but has also given employees more time for other tasks. The outcome is effortless access to dependable data and enhanced analytical abilities. Having a shared data platform for all concepts also ensures a unified truth.

The project with Sport Holding has been groundbreaking in its extensive use of TimeXtender to gather sources on such a large scale.

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"Towards becoming increasingly data-driven, it's crucial to have a dynamic data platform that demands minimal management and ensures reliability. This allows internal resources to be redirected towards more value-creating activities, rather than being tied up in operations and management..

- Stian Dybdahl, Data Integration & Analytics Specialist i Sport Holding



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