Cloud-based reporting with Power BI and Azure Data Warehouse

Customer story

Access to up-to-date information quickly and easily brings significant benefits to business-related decision-making. This has also been recognized in Savox Communications, a company that designs and manufactures communication and hearing protection solutions for professional use. As a solution to this, we designed and implemented a new reporting and data warehousing system together.

Challenge in visibility to business and usability of available information

Savox Communications has grown strongly both organically and through acquisitions in recent years. Growth has also brought challenges, as different units used different systems, with information scattered across them. To initially solve this, the company started by laying a solid foundation and unifying the systems in use.

However, unifying the systems did not yet solve the challenge of retrieving and combining information from different systems, which was time-consuming and complex. Visibility into their own business and its components was not at the desired level despite the changes. The information could not be utilized in different areas of the business as much as desired and is now possible. 

"At that point, we saw that there was a need to build a reporting platform on top of the production control system," says Terhi Rantala, the executive responsible for Savox Communications' operational activities.


The experience in building reporting tools convinced

The need for a reporting environment that met current business needs and the capability to monitor the business was identified in the company, and we jointly set out to solve it. We quickly found a common ground from the beginning, and twoday's experience in building reporting tools and dashboards was convincing.

From the start, we created a new reporting environment for Savox Communications using Power BI technology. Under this reporting environment, we built an Azure-based data warehouse. So, it is a fully cloud-based reporting and data storage solution.

We built the solution iteratively, in stages, and created dashboards for different management areas to meet their needs. In the first phase, we focused on getting sales figures easily compiled at a global level within the company. In the next phase, we implemented the same for warehouse management and purchasing. We are currently implementing financial reporting.

Agile and well-functioning collaboration

The collaboration has been agile, moving forward in small steps at the pace the customer desires. When improvements have been identified, the work has been expanded piece by piece. According to Rantala, twoday's approach was appealing from the beginning, and it felt like Savox Communications was also getting the much-needed added value.

"We have received good suggestions and it has genuinely felt like there is a desire to find a sensible way to implement things together. The consultants have been skilled, and the continuity and sharing of knowledge within the team during the project have been well taken care of. In addition, communication has worked well at all levels, and it has been active on both sides," says Rantala.

"In this collaboration, we have genuinely challenged each other and made use of the lessons learned from other similar projects. This has been a very big and essential aspect of our cooperation and has even exceeded expectations," Rantala praises.


Right information at the right time to support decision-making

As a result of the project, visibility into business data has improved on many levels within the organization. Now, it is possible to access the required information directly, which of course helps in decision-making. For example, the management team can see the current status at any time and, if desired, examine the details. Reports are now user-friendly, easy to read, and up-to-date.

The right information is thus available at the right time to support decision-making. In addition, the amount of manual work has been significantly reduced, and the saved time can be used for business-supporting tasks instead of collecting data.

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"On several occasions, we have discussed internally that we chose the right partner at the beginning, and we still believe that," says Rantala.