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Digital workplace based on Microsoft 365

About the customer

Sensum AB is a consulting firm in the construction and engineering sector. The company primarily focuses on project and construction management services within the infrastructure and urban development sectors. Sensum undertakes large and complex projects involving extensive documentation and information exchange, both internally and in collaboration with external parties.

Sensum approached twoday to seek assistance in implementing a new company-wide intranet, resulting in the digital workplace called "Fyrtornet" based on twoday's Microsoft 365 digital workplace solution.


Mapping and Requirement Specification

During an assessment of Sensum's infrastructure, various systems were identified where information, images, and documents were scattered across multiple locations. Documentation sharing with external collaborators was conducted using tools such as Dropbox and email. Given the substantial amount of documentation involved in Sensum's large and complex projects, it was crucial to manage it within a controlled and secure environment, where Microsoft 365 comes into play.

Based on this, twoday and Sensum mapped and specified the following project contents:

  • Improve Sensum's internal information and communication flow.
  • Modernize and enhance the way of working and communicating.
  • Digitize and develop parts of the quality management system. The project included identifying, improving, and connecting all of Sensum's support processes/support documents and templates in a common workflow.
  • Last but not least, strengthen and improve security within the company's IT systems.

Objectives & Results

twoday's objective was to simplify things for Sensum's employees. They shouldn't have to think about where documents, images, and conversations are stored. The aim was to facilitate secure information sharing outside the company. twoday's Microsoft 365 digital workplace solution was then tailored to meet Sensum's needs. The solution is built on SharePoint Online, utilizing several applications the platform offers. With the new solution, all parts are better connected, securing control over information dissemination. Staff now have access to all applications through a simple and secure login. Through the digital platform, Sensum now has a secure and stable foundation to build on in its digitization process.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborative spaces in the new solution are a combination of SharePoint for internal document storage and Microsoft Teams for collaboration with external contractors. The strength of Teams lies in Sensum's employees being able to seamlessly work between their internal documents and what they want to share externally, all within Teams without having to leave the platform.

During the project, Microsoft Teams and its functionalities were used in the project group. This allowed the client to experience the product at an early stage, facilitating the rollout to other employees within the company. Features such as video meetings, project planning, chat, and file sharing were utilized.

Application management

After the project's completion, twoday was entrusted with managing Sensum's new digital workplace, Fyrtornet.

"We contacted twoday for support and assistance with the implementation of a company-wide intranet. With twoday's help, we have now arrived at a solution we are very satisfied with. Now it is up to us to input the right data to get the most out of the tool that twoday has delivered into our hands."

Håkan Larsson, CEO, Sensum AB